Laura Byrne calls out Abbie Chatfield over latest TV project

“The absolute hypocrisy”
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Trigger Warning: This story deals with topics of domestic violence and abuse.

Laura Byrne has taken to Instagram to comment on the recent controversy surrounding long-time friend Brittany Hockley and Kyle Sandilands’ radio segment, slamming Abbie Chatfield and her newly announced project.  

Watch Below: Abbie Chatfield calls out Kyle Sandilands and Brittany Hockley

Abbie Chatfield had spoken out about the segment, in which the pair made a number of digs at Abbie’s dating life. 

Abbie took to Instagram to shed light on her decision to publically call out the radio show, revealing that fans had questioned her “feminist intentions” when speaking out about Brittany Hockley and Megan Marx. 

“I don’t enjoy conflict but I also am not afraid of it,” she explained. 

“People do this all the time, when they are confronted with my calling out of someone and don’t know any actual points as to why I’m wrong they say ‘how could you do this to a woman?? You aren’t a real feminist’ completely misunderstanding what feminism is.” 

“Being a woman doesn’t make you exempt from less than ideal rhetoric and also doesn’t free you from misogyny or from being held accountable.”

Laura brittany
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Although Kyle and Brittany have largely remained silent on the situation, apart from Brittany’s apology on Instagram, Laura has now added her two cents to the conversation. 

“Talks about dismantling the patriarchy,” Laura wrote on Instagram, But ““Announces that they are hosting F-Boy Island. A show that encourages men to lie to women and manipulate their emotions in order to win a cash prize.”

On Thursday, Abbie announced her new project, revealing that she would be the host of the new Australian host of F-Boy Island

Laura Byrne
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“That is enough internet for me today,” Laura added, before posting, “the absolute hypocrisy”

“For clarity, F-Boy Island is a series that already exists in the US. The New Zealand franchise cast a man (because they didn’t do background checks) who suffocated a woman and lured her into his house to have sex with her. It doesn’t matter this is the AU version, it is a franchise I would never associate myself with – as a feminist.”

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