Australian Survivor: Abbey evicted after Luke drops a bombshell

No-one saw this coming!
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She became the 20th person to be evicted from Australian Survivor last night, and Abbey Holmes’ shock elimination has certainly ruffled feathers in camp.

The AFL star was given her marching orders after Luke dropped a shock bombshell at Tribal Council.

The plan for Abbey, Harry and Baden had been to vote out Pia, who had lost her ally, Janine the night before.

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However, Luke had earlier discovered a hidden clue that led him to a secret coconut that contained a valuable power advantage. The scroll explained that he could send one member of Soli Bula back to camp during tribal — both saving them but also negating their vote.

“Boom! That’s nearly as good as having an immunity idol!” he said.

Luke then cemented his position as top dog by winning the immunity challenge.

Luke is unstoppable, and if he keeps winning immunities, it just puts that nail in the coffin. There’s no way you could go up against him at a final two,’ Harry said.

When the eviction results were revealed, Abbey was clearly shocked.

“Oh, my gosh. I can’t actually believe what has just unfolded at Tribal Council. That twist, you know, that absolutely threw a spanner in the works,” she said.

“And well played by Luke. You know, I didn’t see that one coming.”

Luke then confessed his reasons for voting against Abbey in a video confession.

“I’m really sorry I’m blindsiding you like this, but you’re really good at endurance, you’re really good at the challenges.”

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