Brooke Blurton “devastated” as Western Australia delays border reopening

"I just want to go home."
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The Bachelorette Australia’s Brooke Blurton says she’s “devastated” by Premier Mark McGowan’s decision to delay the Western Australian border reopening yet again. And she’s not the only one.

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The 26-year-old star has been vocal with fans about waiting for the border to reopen on February 5, so that she can go home. The star was hoping to spend time with her family after the tragic death of her sister last year.

But, like many friends and family members who have been separated from their WA loved ones for almost two years, Brooke was heartbroken to learn of the Premier’s decision to delay the reopening indefinitely. 

Mr. McGowan announced the change of plans on January 20, citing the escalating health risks posed by the Omicron COVID-19 variant.

“I just want to go home,” she wrote in an Instagram Story before sharing a lengthier post with her followers.

Like many other families desperate to get into WA… we were really hoping for that Feb 5th date,” Brooke said. “It’s absolutely devastating to those who are desperate to get home. So I just want to share a little positivity and give you all the biggest virtual hugs and kisses.

“Moving to Melbourne was a career sacrifice but in times of need and spiritual healing, your country always calls you back. I don’t know what many of all your circumstances are but just know that this will hopefully pass, we just gotta stay strong. Maybe there will be a date around the corner, let’s hope.”

brooke blurto
A proud Noongar-Yamatji woman, Brooke is “devastated” she can’t return home. (Credit: Instagram)

When the star’s comments inevitably filled up with a mix of support and negativity, Brooke further elaborated on her Instagram Stories.

The reality TV star asked her followers to “please refrain” from making comments about her “connections” or receiving an “exemption.”

“These are totally invalid to my situation,” she wrote. “I’m a WA resident. But I’m not coming back to WA for work/essential work, therefore I can not really apply for any exemption.

“As for compassionate grounds, I was allowed in last time under compassionate grounds but still had to quarantine two weeks,” she wrote, of travelling home for her sister’s funeral last August.

“That wouldn’t be an accurate cause as time would be a consideration for them (the government).

“As for ‘connection’ I don’t have some magic strings to pull. Even if people did, I wouldn’t feel entitled to that,” she continued. “Everyone is patiently waiting to get back home.”

brooke blurton
“I wouldn’t feel entitled [to pulling strings].” (Credit: Instagram)

Brooke finished off by saying that, while the two week quarantine is something she’s considering, she isn’t quite ready to do it again after the previous two times.

“I’m already in a vulnerable state of mind with what’s been going on,” she wrote. “I’m building myself up to it. If it comes to it, I will prep myself for quarantine.”

Brooke wasn’t the only one upset by the decision, with Channel 7 TV Presenter Abbey Gelmi sharing the news headline with followers.

“I’m so angry I don’t have words. @mark_mcgowan_mp is out of control. @scottmorrisonmp do something. Anything. We just want to see our loved ones,” she wrote on her Instagram.

TV Presenter Riana Crehan said she just wanted to reunite with her family, after her father passed away in the past two years of border closures. 

“We just want to see our loved ones,” she wrote. “We have missed Birthdays, Weddings, Births, Deaths and time. We have missed precious time. Time we will never get back. We have done what you asked. My question is what have you been doing?”

riana crehan
Riana Crehan asks Mr McGowan: “What have you been doing?” (Credit: Instagram)

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