Did Married At First Sight’s Cameron and Jules have sex on the first night?

Too much information!
Channel 9

The morning after their wedding, former cricketer Cam and his new wife Jules awake and it’s obvious these two had a comfortable sleep.

“Good morning, how did you sleep?” a smitten Cam says to his Jules.

“Yeah good,” she said with a mischievous giggle.

Cameron and Jules MAFS
(Credit: Channel 9)

Yesterday wrapped up and the two were VERY excited about their pairing.

“I’m happy. He’s got a Great smile, kind eyes I’m winning – I’m definitely winning all round!” Jules quipped.

Meanwhile, Cam revealed: “I can see she’s proper gorgeous on the inside”

So, how did their first night as a couple go?

“That was a good first night! A wonderful first night, like a perfect day and a perfect evening,” Cam confirmed.

“There’s so much chemistry there, and attraction… he’s just the kind of guy I would want to marry,” Jules said.


But the question on everyone’s mind was… Well, did they seal the deal in the sack?

Cameron and Jules MAFS
(Credit: Channel 9)

Before we know it a producer voiced what we all were thinking and asked: “So you didn’t get lucky?!”

“No [laughs], I didn’t get lucky!” the groom said.

“I think she’s hot, there’s certainly chemistry… We just had an instant connection, there’s no way it feels like we just met each other yesterday,” he continued.

Well even if they are staying mum on any hanky panky – Jules did admit: “He’s a great kisser!”

Cameron and Jules MAFS
(Credit: Channel 9)

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