Duckie Thot EXCLUSIVE: Why being a model is harder than a 9-5

"I don’t think most people could do it"
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Duckie Thot is so stunningly gorgeous, rapper Nicki Minaj felt the need to ask, “How are you even real?”

It’s a good question and one WHO is also pondering after catching up with Thot in her home town of Melbourne, where she opened the Mumm champagne marquee at Flemington’s Birdcage.

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The meat pie-loving model is out-of-this-world beautiful, but gives off an easy-going air and seems unaffected by the glamorous life she leads – although Thot might disagree with that description of her day-to-day.

“You know what sounds glamorous to me – working nine to five. It’s hard work what I do!”

“You know what sounds glamorous to me – working nine to five. It’s hard work what I do!” Duckie says of modelling (Credit: Getty)

First of all, happy birthday! You turned 27 last weekend. How did you celebrate?

Oh, thank you! I had dinner with some friends at Cipriani Downtown in New York [her home since 2017]. And I had all my friends around and went to a nice bar that we rented out, and had a good time.

It was nice to see them all before heading to Australia. It was really lovely.

Is 27 old in modelling years?

I don’t think so! I don’t think you ever get old in modelling years. I think it’s better than having children doing modelling, which was not really that great. I think it makes a lot more sense to have people who can make their own decisions.

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Birthdays are often a time to think about your goals and your achievements – did you have any of those reflections?

For sure! I always like to do that. I’m thinking beyond modelling and into other ventures, but that’s the stuff I can’t really say much about.

But it’s great and I like where I’m going, and the direction that I’m heading in. I think it’s important to expand and have your eyes set on other things.

How is it to be home?

I love it. I’m having a great time, although I was straight into work so I haven’t seen my family yet.

I’m excited to go to the beach and go into the country, go horse riding again, do all of the things that I love doing when I’m home. You always get recharged when you come home.

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Your parents were South Sudanese refugees. Are you able to share some of their story about how they came to Australia and how that’s influenced you?

They fled the war when mum was pregnant with me. It was tough stuff and they really went through it, but I feel it’s an interview for them, it’s their story to tell. But my dad [a veterinarian] always reminds me of how far we’ve come.

I’m always encouraged by him and the way he carries himself, and his work ethic – that always drives me, too.

What is the thing you miss most about Australia?

I love the beaches, but do you know what? It’s the food! Honestly, it’s crazy, but it’s the sausage rolls and the meat pies!

I’m always happy when I come home to the food. There is nothing better than an Aussie meat pie. There is literally nothing that beats it. Nothing compares around the world – it is the taste of home.

Duckie is from Melbourne, but now works and lives in NYC (Credit: Getty)

Is your life glamorous? How would you describe it?

It’s hard work, long hours and most people think you just sit around all day.

It’s demanding and I don’t think most people know how difficult it is to be a model who takes their work very seriously. I don’t think most people could do it.

To me, nine to five is quite glamorous in my eyes, to be quite honest [laughs].

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