Bachelorette Elly Miles reveals her ‘revenge’ body

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She’s repeatedly hit back at claims that she’s split with her Bachelorette beau Frazer Neate, but on Tuesday, Elly Miles showed signs of trouble in paradise when she posted a teary video about enduring “hard times” via Instagram Stories. 

WATCH BELOW: Bachelorettes Becky and Elly meet Frazer for the first time

The 26-year-old welled up as she admitted to her 211k followers that going to her local gym had been a source of “constant support” through a “rollercoaster” year.

Hinting at something, Elly? Fans are convinced the couple have broken up. (Credit: Instagram)

“If ever I’m stressed or going through a hard time, or anything…,” she began. “Just knowing you can go somewhere and forget about your worries and just do something awesome for yourself in such a supportive environment is just priceless.”

“Sorry for getting emotional. I’m a big softie,” she followed up in the caption.

“It’s been a rollercoaster this year, in general. So many highs and lows for everyone! ALT [her gym] has been a constant support for me.”

She also shared the results of her most recent body scan, which showed she was down 1.9kgs in and 4.3 per cent body fat in the last 4 weeks alone. 

So impressive: Elly shared the results of all her hard work. (Credit: Instagram)

“I’ve been enjoying a really balanced lifestyle. I’ve still been going out for dinner and having drinks and this, that and the other,” she continued. “I think I’ve just found a good balance for myself in which I can have those results and still enjoy life, which is so important.”

“It’s okay to have goals, it’s a good thing to set yourself a goal and achieve it,” she continued. “It gives you a sense of accomplishment and pride in yourself. Don’t ever let someone make you feel bad for having a goal for having a health and fitness goal in life that you’re chasing.”

Just a few hours later, the nurse shared a smiley selfie to social media showing off her phenomenal figure and skimpy new bikinis. 

“Best I can do, they’re cheeky though,” she wrote.

Wowza! Elly (pictured) has never looked fitter. (Credit: Instagram)

Elly first addressed the growing break up speculation during an Instagram Q&A last month, when she said: ‘Frazer and I are still good! We’re still together.”

“I’m going to move to Queensland in January. That’s the plan.”

Meanwhile, insiders have alleged that the pair are “just keeping up appearances” and that Frazer has secretly told his mates that he’s single.

In a previous chat with Who shortly after the finale aired, Elly weighed in on cheating rumours that arose when screenshots emerged of a series of direct messages between Frazer and an unknown woman.

“It’s funny,” Elly exclusively revealed.

“People will try and cause trouble and make something out of nothing. Frazer’s got friends that are girls, I’ve got friends that are guys. That’s just the way it is.”

“I’m ready for a change and Frazer is worth it,” Elly says of her move to QLD. (Credit: Channel 10 )

Though they’re currently in different states – Frazer is based in Brisbane and Elly, Newcastle –  the couple have managed to squeeze in a few catch ups lately.

“We were able to find a couple of COVID loopholes so that we could see each other without Frazer or myself having to quarantine,” Elly told us.

“The borders also started to open up a little bit so we could go to Byron Bay and have a bit of a getaway, which was really nice. And now Newcastle and Brisbane are open to each other so that’s going to make things so easy.”

“I’m lucky with my job. I can work wherever being a nurse and I’ve been in Newie for many years. I gave Sydney a bit of a shot and I don’t like that either. So I’m ready for a change and Frazer’s worth it.”

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