New mum Elyse Knowles’ relatable before and after pics

The former Block winner welcomed baby Sunny last month.
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Elyse Knowles welcomed her adorable baby Sunny Barke a month ago, but the former Block winner and model is keeping it real with her followers about being a new mum.

WATCH BELOW: Elyse Knowles gets a real welcome to motherhood!

Taking to Instagram on Friday, Elyse shared a series of glamorous pictures of herself before Sunny came into the world compared to the unfiltered snaps of what her life has looked like for the past month.

“Pre baby glow V’s holly s*** I’m a milking cow with my eye balls hanging out of my head 😂 But love every second of it,” she joked in the caption.

“Pre baby glow V’s holly s*** I’m a milking cow with my eye balls hanging out of my head.” (Credit: Instagram)

Fans loved Elyse’s candid snaps and sweet message.

“This is so accurate I love it,” one wrote in the post’s comments.

“The realness of this post makes even more gorgeous than usual,” remarked another.

“So accurate! You’re nailing it- ‘When in doubt, get your boob out’ is the only parenting mantra I live by,” a third noted.

Elyse’s followers loved her honesty and candour. (Credit: Instagram)
Too good! (Credit: Instagram)

This isn’t the first time Elyse has kept it real when it comes to motherhood.

When she and her partner Josh Barker brought Sunny home from the hospital for the first time, Elyse referred to the milestone moment as “the scariest drive home everrrr.”

The model also shared some footage from her time in hospital, including a video of herself after a bit of a breastfeeding mishap.

“Got milk? I don’t,” she joked in the clip, captioned “Learnt my lesson fast.”

She also uploaded a photo of herself lying in a hospital bed and tucked in with a bright blue blanket.

“Cooked,” she simply captioned the photo. 

“Got milk? I don’t.” (Credit: Instagram)

Elyse and Josh shared their exciting baby news in early March with a sweet black and white photo of their newborn’s feet.

The next chapter in our lives. The best chapter yet,” Elyse’s caption read.

And it’s called Sunny ☀️ 25~2~21 Sunny Barke.

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