Georgia Love pens tribute to her beloved late mum

The former Bachelorette lost her mum four years ago to pancreatic cancer.
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Fans and loved ones have shared their deepest sympathies with former Bachelorette Georgia Love four years on from the tragic death of her beloved mum.

WATCH BELOW: Georgia Love talks about Lee’s support during mum’s death

Taking to Instagram, Georgia shared a photo from the family archives of herself as a child with her mum, Belinda – both with huge smiles on their faces.

“4 excruciatingly long years, yet somehow still a lifetime ahead,” the 32-year-old wrote in her caption.

Georgia’s post was filled with comments from her followers as they shared their own sweet messages of condolence on the anniversary of Belinda’s passing.

“Will hug you the very second I get home from work gorgeous and never let you go!! Love you!” her fiancé and Bachelorette winner Lee Elliott commented.

“Being part of the dead mothers club is s***. Absolutely s***. You never get over the loss, but it somehow becomes easier to bear because of the lessons they taught you. Much love,” feminist and writer Clementine Ford penned.

Friend and musical theatre star Lucy Durack also wrote: “So so so much love to you George x ❤️”
“4 excruciatingly long years, yet somehow still a lifetime ahead.” (Credit: Instagram)

Georgia paid tribute to both her mum Belinda and dad Chris in another post this week to celebrate what would’ve been their 40th wedding anniversary.

Alongside one of her “favourite ever pictures of them” dressed in the same orange hue, the TV journalist shared a sweet anecdote about her beloved parents.

“Dad had been away for work so got dressed in a different country that morning then walked in the door to see Mum wearing this!! The. Cutest. How lucky I am to have grown up with such love and happiness,” she penned.

Georgia also shared a photo of Chris and Belinda on their wedding day and when a follower remarked that Belinda’s dress was just like Kate Middleton’s, Georgia couldn’t help but agree replying, “Riiiiiight?!?!!”

“How lucky I am to have grown up with such love and happiness.” (Credit: Instagram)

Belinda Love lost her battle with pancreatic cancer aged 60 just weeks after Georgia found love with her Bachelorette winner, Lee Elliott in 2016 and only a day after the finale aired.

“In the space of 24 hours, we went from having one of the happiest moments where we could finally be in the same room together and tell everybody how we feel and be able to relax and literally 24 hours later I got the worst phone call of my life,” she said on The Project shortly after the show’s final episode.

“It’s been incredibly difficult but would’ve been so much more difficult if Lee hadn’t had been there.”

She also remarked that a lot of people had asked her if she regretted going away for three months to film The Bachelorette while her mum was sick as she had been diagnosed just six months before.

“If I hadn’t gone on The Bachelorett I wouldn’t have Lee to have supported me through this but I also would’ve been in Tassie so I would’ve actually been further away from my mum so I don’t regret anything that happened.”

Georgia’s mum Belinda died just 24 hours after The Bachelorette finale aired in 2016. (Credit: Instagram)

This year has been tough for Melbourne-based Georgia who not only had to endure stage four lockdown restrictions, but also had to postpone her and Lee’s wedding.

The couple were originally going to tie the knot in Italy but then suffered another blow when borders closed and they couldn’t even celebrate in their back-up destination venue of Tasmania.

However, when critics hit back at the TV journalist in August for complaining about her cancelled nuptials when many have faced much worse situations, Georgia hit back on Twitter.

The bride-to-be shared a lengthy thread, telling Twitter “you really suck sometimes”, before going into detail about her challenging 2020 that’s seen her report on the devastating bushfires and COVID-19, as well as being in charge of looking after her ageing grandmother and grieving her late mum.

“I have been unable to see my loved ones nor do the things that bring my joy for the majority of this year. So you know what? I’m allowed to comment on the fact it’s a bit s***ty my wedding has been affected too. This does not take away from anyone else’s pain or suffering.”

Georgia and Lee found love on The Bachelorette. (Credit: Ten)

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