Home and Away couple James Stewart and Sarah Roberts are looking forward to the future

Things are getting serious for the couple as they near their one-year anniversary.
Damian Bennett Photography/WHO

While they started as an on-screen couple in Home And Away, the romance quickly moved off-screen for James Stewart and Sarah Roberts. And now, the couple have cemented their love with their first photo shoot together for WHO’s Most Beautiful People issue.

The genetically blessed couple sat down with WHO to discuss what they find beautiful in each other, while also revealing how their relationship is going as they near the one-year mark. But, despite the success of their first year together, marriage isn’t something that they’re rushing into.

“Right now, we are just kind of thinking of things like that. We really don’t talk about it yet, it’s just been one year,” the 42-year old actor says.

 “We are just very lucky we have found each other. We take it, day by day,” says Roberts.

James Stewart and Sarah Roberts
James Stewart and Sarah Roberts are loved-up. (Credit: Damian Bennett Photography/WHO)

While a proposal isn’t on the cards just yet, the couple has taken a big step forward with Stewart introducing Roberts to his daughter Scout, 5, who he shares with former partner Jessica Marais.

“That is a slow process and they are now becoming really good buddies,” says Stewart.

“Yes, she’s so sweet,” adds Roberts.

The friendship between Scout and Roberts has been a successful one, with Stewart revealing that the pair has found a cute hobby.

“They gang up a little bit on me,” says Stewart.

“Yes that’s true. We’re a girl gang, a girl gang of two,” admits Roberts.

Between work, his relationship with Roberts and his daughter, life is pretty sweet for Stewart, who recently lost 9kg following an overhaul of his diet and lifestyle.

“Once I dropped the weight and began thinking more about my life, I realised I have moved on with my life. I am raising my beautiful daughter, I have met this beautiful woman and I now don’t mind what I am seeing when I look in the mirror,” says Stewart.

“I am happy and I feel luck – I have a beautiful life. My heart is full. I now bound out of bed. I don’t think there’s more I want. I love home, I love work.”

As the loved-up couple wraps their first photo shoot together, they reflect on what they find beautiful in each other.

“Her grace. She’s kind, smart and, a word I got from a friend, she has chutzpah,” says Stewart.

“The thing I find most beautiful about Jimmy is your swagger and charisma. You’re handsome on the outside but you’re so kind and genuine and loving, and a great dad and son and boyfriend… and your forearms,” reveals Roberts.

For more on James and Sarah, pick-up a copy of WHO’s Most Beautiful People issue on-sale now.

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(Credit: WHO)

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