David and Victoria Beckham: what we’ve told kids about divorce scandal

The former Spice girl did not hold back.
Getty Images

Victoria Beckham has opened up about those divorce rumours in a new interview with Vogue magazine.

The mum-of-four told her children that her marriage to David Beckham was rock-solid, claimed The Sun.

According to the publication, the happily married couple sat their four children down, Harper, seven, Cruz, 13, Romeo, 16, and Brooklyn, 19, to reassure them they were not facing marital issues after David was allegedly linked to another woman.

The fashion designer also requested that her husband be at the Vogue shoot, which will be published later this week.

Rumours of David’s infidelity cropped up three months ago when he was linked to another woman.

“Allegations about the state of their marriage and ridiculous claims about David are extremely hurtful, and obviously potentially very distressing for the kids,” a friend of the family’s told The Sun.

“While publicly they maintained a united front by laughing off the rumours, behind closed doors they’ve taken them much more seriously.”

They added: “Both David and Victoria are very transparent with the kids to ensure they hear things directly from them — and not from the playground.

“After the latest furore, they once again took the decision to be open and honest with them, reassuring them Daddy is not a cheat.”

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