I’m A Celebrity’s Sam: “I’ve done every single drug”

The ex-pollie has made shock claims about his time in parliament.
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Former Labor Senator Sam Dastyari made shock claims about his ex-colleagues – and Australian representatives – during the Jan. 22 episode of I’m A Celebrity.

During a conversation with fellow campers Justin Schofield and Richard Reid, Sam didn’t hold back when it came to ousting other pollies.

“The old Labor MPs, the old lefties, all are pot smokers from back in the days, from the seventies, sixties,” he claimed, adding “And a lot of the young conservatives out of the banking and that world they’ve got a bit of a cocaine, I don’t want to use the word habit, but recreational …”

“The mentality is, and has always seemed to be, as long as you play the legal game, which means alcohol is legal, prescription drugs are legal … as long as that’s your cocktail of choice then it’s kind of permissible, it’s allowed.”

The Iranian-Australian even suggested that members of government were potentially under the influence during official meetings.

“And you end up (in) situations, like question time, I’ve sat through senate question time, so has Jacqui (Lambie), where you are sitting with people and you just know they’re drunk,” Sam claimed.

“We have this term, if you say in Parliament ‘someone is tired and agitated’ that means they’re drunk in the chamber, get them out,” the father-of-two continued.

“If someone is tired and agitated, tired and agitated, they are pissed off their face in the chamber. It happens all the time. All the time.”

He then told his fellow jungle celebs that “I have done every single drug.”

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