Kate Langbroek reveals the truth behind her relationship breakdown

The radio host gets clear on a few things

After shocking fans Australia-wide with the revelation that she and her husband had once separated, Kate Langbroek has opened up, sharing more about the 18-month-long split.

Talking to her Hughesy & Kate radio co-host Dave Hughes after her initial reveal caused a stir among her fans, Kate faced a direct line of questioning.

“What the hell is going on?” asked Hughesy. 

“Have you split from your husband or not?”

The mum-of-four clarified:

“No! I was talking about when we were dating and split up. That was like 18 years ago!”

The star also revealed, however, that she still has some concerns about her husband – namely, that he will find out she told the world about their relationship pause!

“Oh my God, now I have to hide every media outlet, every electronic device and every magazine from my husband,” she laughed. “I don’t want him to know we’ve split up!”

Kate blamed Peter’s “tendency to be controlling for the pair taking a break – before they reunited and went on to marry and have four children.

“It’s in his DNA,” she explained on an episode of PodcastOne’s A Life Of Greatness. “Peter just had it in him and I’m like, ‘You know what, you don’t want to be with me ’cause that’s just going to be a life of misery for you and for me. It’s just going to make us both miserable.’”

“But then we had a great conversation about it after we broke up — like probably a year-and-a-half later — where he said ‘[being controlling] doesn’t make me feel good. I don’t know why I try to do it. It makes me feel terrible.’ And I said, ‘Well why don’t you stop? Because in my experience, if you’re doing something and it’s making you feel bad, the best thing to do is to stop it.’”

“And also he had to know how it was to be without me.”

Earlier this year, Kate, Peter and their children – Lewis, 15, Sunday, 14, Artie, 12 and Jan, nine – moved their lives from Melbourne to Bologna, Italy following an attack on their home

But it was her eldest’s childhood battle with cancer that prompted the move.

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“Our eldest son Lewis, who’s 15 now, and healthy and beautiful, had leukaemia when he was six, and was in treatment for four years, and nearly died,” she told The Sunday Project host Tommy Little.

“For so long we couldn’t go anywhere, we couldn’t travel anywhere — I mean we went to the hospital, we went home… There seemed something really life affirming about having an adventure together as a family.”

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