Kerri-Anne Kennerley: Joe Hildebrand has “done more drugs than anyone”

After her Studio 10 co-star called her "drunk" live on-air
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Kerri-Anne Kennerley made sure to throw the final punch in her public spat with Studio 10 co-host Joe Hildebrand on Thursday.

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Kerri couldn’t resist having a swipe at Joe after he jokingly suggested that she “likes a drink” during his appearance on The Kyle and Jackie O Show.

So, when it was KAK’s turn to appear on the radio show yesterday, she didn’t exactly hold back as she let loose on Joe, claiming the 43-year-old has done “more drugs than anybody else.”

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“This is a man who has admitted, and to quote him: “I have done more drugs than anybody else… all drugs, more drugs than anybody else has done.” So why would you listen to him?” she reiterated when asked if she was angry about his comments.

“Is that right? I didn’t know that?” Kyle Sandilands asked.

She continued: “He claims he’s done every drug from woe to go… he openly admits all the drugs he’s done in his life.”

“What reference did he make to me?” she then asked, to which Jackie responded: “I think he was saying about how you like a drink or two.”

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Kerri-Anne admitted: “I love a glass of wine,” before clarifying that she wasn’t really bothered by Joe’s comments and knew he was only teasing her.

Joe has been open about his past drug use, previously talking about the matter on-air, as well as in his autobiography An Average Joe: My Horribly Abnormal Life.

Two weeks ago, Joe was interviewed on The Kyle and Jackie O Show and said of Kerri-Anne that he never knows is she is “still drunk from the night before.”

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