Kyle Sandilands reflects on his years of cocaine addiction

The shock jock makes a stunning admission.
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Kyle Sandilands and longtime girlfriend Imogen Anthony were the hosts at the Beauty & The Beast Charity Ball for Zambi Wildlife Retreat at Sydney’s Star Casino on Thursday night, and the shock jock has made a startling admission.

Speaking to Daily Mail, the KIIS FM host spoke fondly of his former cocaine addiction. 

“I don’t even think about that sh*t [drugs]. I just don’t do it, and it wasn’t a hole it was a great time,” he admitted. 

I had the f***ing time of my life, really…” he continued. “It was rock n roll! Obviously some people can’t handle it, and it takes over them so there’s rehab for that, but for me it was a non-event.” 

The admission comes after Kyle openly spoke about his past drug addiction on his breakfast program The Kyle & Jackie O Show. 

Kyle revealed the shocking real reason why he ‘chucked sickies’ so often. 

“I’ll tell you why for the first time ever…I was on the coke back then,” he said. 

Kyle added that he suffered “terrible migraines” and was feeling “depressed” at the time, which led to him taking time off work – with Jackie O oblivious to his struggles.

The shock jock added: “[Doctors] didn’t even know if I was depressed – didn’t even know. I was just self-medicating, bumping back dozens of lines.” 

This article appeared on New Idea.

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