Kylie Jenner has welcomed her first child

The reality star breaks her silence with her baby announcement!
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Kylie Jenner has welcomed a baby girl with boyfriend Travis Scott!

The reality star has broken her silence to announce the arrival of her first child, a little girl!

The 20-year-old’s “beautiful and healthy baby girl” was born on February 1, 2018.

Kylie apologised for keeping fans ‘in the dark” throughout her pregnancy, but explained that she chose to keep it private to stay healthy and stress free.

To get fans back up to date with her life, Kylie has shared a video of her pregnancy journey. 

In the video, her best friend Jordyn Woods explains how Kylie discovered her baby news.

kulie jenner

“She took a little test… and then she passed it to me… I was suprised, ” Jordyn sys, before footage of Kylie’s ultrasound if shown.

The video shows intimate details of Kylie’s pregnancy, including her first official baby bump photos, her baby shower and the moment Kylie gives birth to her baby girl.

Watch the full video below:

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