How Lara Worthington successfully juggles fame, family and running her business empire

"I'm lucky to have such a great partner."
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A lot’s changed for Lara Worthington since she became an overnight sensation thanks to Tourism Australia’s So Where The Bloody Hell Are You? campaign in 2006. Back then, she was a 19-year-old model who was living and working in Italy.

Fast forward to 2022 and 35-year-old Lara’s name is a brand in its own right. She’s fronted the cover of magazines like Marie Claire, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar, and is lauded for her coveted style – designers dream of dressing her in their wares. 

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A turning point in her career came in 2014 when she self-funded her own beauty line, The Base, following her split from fiancé, Michael Clarke.

A few years and a marriage to actor Sam Worthington later, and Lara made the incredibly selfless decision to turn her brand – which had a profitable cult following – into a not-for-profit organisation that donates 100 per cent of the proceeds to three Australian charities – environmental conservation organisation WWF Australia, children’s charity Humpty Dumpty Foundation and Bowel Cancer Australia.

The commitment to the latter charity was a personal one for Lara, who lost her father, Graham, to the disease in 2008. “Turning the business into a non-profit – the fulfilment to me is a million more times than having a profitable business,” Lara told House of Wellness. Along with the business remodel came a new name. Share The Base was reborn, and so too was Lara, who welcomed three boys in quick succession: Rocket, 7, Racer, 6, and River, 2. 

Lara Worthington
“I still really love having my own identity and so does my husband,” Lara told Body & Soul. (Credit: Getty)

Since having her kids, the Cronulla-born, New York-based beauty has become much more conscious about what she eats and wears, and that includes the products on her skin – et voilà, the savvy vegetarian became the first face of New Zealander Emma Lewisham’s clean skincare line, which is coveted by beauty and environmental aficionados the world over.

“I discovered Emma’s business almost two years ago and started using her products, and was taken aback by how visible the results were,” she recently told Vogue. “The brand is first and foremost kind to people and our planet, with a world-first carbon positive certification … the partnership feels so natural.” 

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Another natural partnership was that formed with Swisse, a local supplement brand. She told WHO in 2021 how the company’s story isn’t too dissimilar from her own. “Swisse is a beautiful Australian success story,” she explained. “My career wouldn’t be where it is without Australia and its people … this reflects the approach I take to my personal health.” 

Taking care of herself is integral to running her businesses, fulfilling her ambassador roles, working on collaborations and, most of all, being a mum and wife.

“Every parent knows it’s a constant juggling act and I am lucky to have such a great partner to help me with it all. We are both immensely proud and supportive of one another, so stepping in to help is second nature,” Lara told WHO.

Her glowing reference for Sam, 46, was reiterated during a chat with House of Wellness. “My husband and I are a good team,” she gushed. “He makes it easier for me, he is obsessed with being a dad and nothing is ever too hard – so it’s nice to have that support.” 

Lara Worthington
“I am in a place now where I trust the opinions around me and that helps a lot. A quick Google search will tell you I’ve had my fair share of mishaps but I am happy to be in a place where I can look back, laugh and be grateful to have learned a few lessons,” Lara told David Jones’ blog. (Credit: Getty)

With Sam constantly travelling the world shooting blockbusters like Avatar: The Way of Water, which hits cinema screens on December 15, it’s hard to believe Lara has time for anything, but she did manage to fit in another new project recently.

In July, she announced her partnership with Australian clothing brand Atoìr. “I have always been interested in how I get dressed, what I wear,” she explained to Vogue. “I am excited to see [this project] come to life, and people shopping and styling the various pieces.”

Lara Worthington
While mostly basing their family in New York, the Worthingtons come home to Australia whenever possible. Last month, Lara and Sam were in Sydney, right, for a preview screening of his film, Avatar: The Way of Water. (Credit: Getty)

With a combined net worth of $70 million, the Worthingtons are a showbiz success story. “I’m very open to trying new things and playing into different versions of myself,” Lara told Viva, 10 years after finding love with Sam.

“I think as we age, we become less critical. We judge ourselves less,” she admitted – a secret to her business success and enviable life, perhaps? “I’ll look back on my 30s and think, ‘Why did I worry?’ I think being comfortable with your faults is important. We’re forever evolving.”

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