Cassidy, Grant and Tayla are Love Island Australia’s first love triangle

How far will Cassidy go to keep her man?
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Barmaid Cassidy and electrician Grant seemed pretty solid in their first day as a couple in Love Island Australia, but radio host Tayla has shown Grant that she is also interested, leaving him confused. “It’s just so hard,” Grant said to Tayla about the love triangle. “If I wasn’t with Cassidy, I’d just be straight with you.”

Love Island Tayla and Grant
Tayla has given Grant 24 hours to weigh up his decision.

Before they jetted off to Spain, WHO sat down with all the Islanders individually and asked them how they would handle a love triangle. Cassidy revealed that she would try and put herself first, which doesn’t come naturally for the 23-year-old. “This is where I think I will get screwed over because I’m too polite and respectful that I will just bow down,” Cassidy tells WHO. “I’ve never put myself first really. So at the end of the day I have remind myself that it’s Love Island, not Friend Island… but at the end of the day I guess it would come down to who the guy picks.”

House Rules Cassidy and Grant
Grant soothed Cassidy’s worries with a kiss.

Tayla, on the other hand, has no qualms about going for what she wants. “If I could happily sit there and say, no I can 100 percent see myself falling in love with this person, I don’t think then I would hold back,” Tayla says. “But then I would obviously go about it in a respectful way and talk to my friend first, and obviously be like ‘This is how it is’ and get their sort of opinion and then make my decision. I’m not someone that’s malicious or untrustworthy so I think talking to them first would definitely be my first aim.”

The stakes are even higher for Cassidy now that Tayla has been left without a partner thanks to Kim’s decision to couple up with Josh. “I guess now I have no loyalties,” said Tayla. Erin warned Cassidy of Tayla’s intentions now that she’s a free agent. “She looks very calm for someone who’s just been dumped, like she knows some shit,” said Erin. “Don’t like push him away or anything.” But, Cassidy realised that she’s got a fight ahead of her. “If anything I’m going to be more clingy to him,” Cassidy said to Erin.

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