How & When Did Luke Perry Die?

We look back at the life and death of the beloved actor.

Beverly Hills, 90210 and Riverdale actor Luke Perry tragically died at the age of 52 after suffering from a massive stroke.

Here, we look back at his personal life and career.

When & How Did Luke Perry Die?

Luke Perry died on March 4th, 2019, due to complications from a very intense stroke.

How Old Was Luke Perry When He Passed Away?

Luke Perry passed away at the relatively young age of 52.

How Tall Is Luke Perry?

Luke Perry stood at a height of 5 feet 10 inches, or 1.78 meters.

Where Was Luke Perry Born?

Luke Perry was born in Mansfield, Ohio, on October 11, 1966, according to the Biography website.

Where Did Luke Perry Live?

He lived in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles.

Was Luke Perry Religious?

It is not known if Luke Perry was religious, as he led a quiet private life.

What Is Luke Perry’s Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Luke Perry was worth $10 million.

What High School Did Luke Perry Go To?

Luke Perry went to Fredericktown High School

What Did Luke Perry Look Like When He Was Young?

Luke Perry was often hailed as incredibly handsome heartthrob when he was younger, as he played Dylan in Beverly Hills, 90210.

luke perry
Luke in 1991 (Credit: Getty)

Who Are Luke Perry’s Parents?

His parents were Coy Luther Perry, Jr., and Ann Bennett.

Are Luke Perry And Matthew Perry Related?

No, they are not, but Luke Perry has a brother named Tom Perry.

Was Luke Perry Ever Married?

Luke Perry was married to Minnie Sharp from 1993 to 2003.

Why Did Luke And Minnie Sharp Get Divorced?

It is unknown why Luke and Minnie Sharp divorced. They shared joint custody of their children, Jake and Sophie.

Did Luke And Minnie Remain Friends After Their Divorce?

Luke and Minnie remained good friends after the divorce. Minnie was present when he passed away.

luke perry
Luke and Minnie (Credit: Getty)

Did Luke Perry And Shannen Doherty Ever Date In Real Life?

Although many people loved to ‘ship’ Beverly Hills bad boy Luke Perry with his on-screen love interest Shannen Doherty, the two were never romantically involved.

Did Luke Perry And Jennie Garth Ever Date In Real Life?

Though Luke Perry and Jennie Garth were very close friends, neither of them thought that a relationship between the two of them would work out, so they have never dated.

Who Else Has Luke Perry Dated?

The 90s heartthrob has had quite a few relationships in his time. Perry dated Yasmine Bleeth of ‘Baywatch’ fame back in the 80s, followed by a brief fling with actress Kelly Preston in 1990, before wedding Rachel Minnie Sharp in 1993. His marriage lasted until 2003. In 2007, rumours circulated that Luke Perry had a fling with actress Renee Zellweger, but it remained unconfirmed. It was recently revealed that he was engaged to Wendy Madison Bauer, but it is not known how long the two had been together.

When Luke Perry Died Was He In A Relationship?

Yes, at the time of his death, Luke Perry was engaged to Wendy Madison Bauer.

Did Luke Perry Ever Visit Australia?

Yes, Luke Perry has visited our sunny country. 

Does Luke Perry Have Kids?

Yes, Luke Perry had two children with his ex-wife: Jack Perry and Sophie Perry.

What TV Shows Was Luke Perry In?

Luke Perry has been in a lot of TV series, but his most memorable roles are in the 90s show ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ and more recently, ‘Riverdale’, where he played Fred Andrews. He also had a memorable guest role in ‘Criminal Minds’ as cult leader Benjamin Cyrus.

Luke with his Riverdale co-stars (Credit: Getty)

What Character Did Luke Perry Play In Beverly Hills 90210?

Luke Perry played the character of Dylan McKay for 199 episodes.

How Did Playing Dylan In 90210 Change Luke Perry’s Life?

Dylan McKay was Luke Perry’s breakout role as an actor, and it catapulted him into the 90s spotlight—and the hearts of teen girls everywhere.

What Movies Was Luke Perry In?

Luke Perry was in a number of movies, but not many of his movie roles were iconic. He was in the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” movie in 1992 as Oliver Pike, and “The Fifth Element” as Billy Masterson. Most recently, he starred in “Love in Paradise,” in 2016.

Did Luke Perry Smoke?

Luke Perry admitted that he could “take or leave” cigarettes in the 90s. He mentioned that he smoked Marlboro Lights in a 1991 interview.

How Many People Have Had A Luke Perry Poster On Their Bedroom Wall?

At the height of his Beverly Hills fame, Luke Perry had thousands of adoring fans, and although the exact number is unknown, posters of him presumably hung from the walls of thousands of teenage girls’ bedroom walls during that time. He was a teen heartthrob, of course. 

Did Luke Perry Ever Do A Sex Scene?

No Luke Perry had never done a gay or straight sex scene, but he did do a fully nude scene in the HBO prison drama ‘OZ’.

What Are Luke Perry’s Best Fashion Moments?

Though he is now dead, Luke Perry was one of the pioneers of the very 90s fashion of casual long-sleeved shirts, a look he continued to sport in his more recent role in Riverdale. We also have to admire his rough and tumble, pretty boy look; his dashing, formal attire was paired with a stern chiselled face roughened by a scar on top one of his eyebrows.

luke perry

What Are Luke Perry’s Most Famous Hairstyles?

In the 90s Luke Perry was famous for his effortless, slicked-back pompadour hairstyle, and the look has suited him nicely, even more than 20 years later.

What Will Luke Perry Be Remembered For?

Aside from his acting roles, Luke Perry will be remembered as a father, brother, friend, and mentor; as well as the cover boy for AARP, a non-profit organization.

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