“I’m so exhausted” MAFS star Cyrell speaks out about pressure to be a perfect mum

Cyrell reveals she’s faced “too much judgement” online.
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Married At First Sight star Cyrell Jiminez Paule has spoken out about the pressure to be a “perfect mum” in an emotional speech. The reality TV star welcomed her son, Boston, with her partner, Eden Dally, in February 2020.

WATCH: Cyrell shares the moment her son Boston took his first steps

Lately, the MAFS star has revealed she has been struggling with Boston, writing on Instagram that “mummy is always doing something wrong.”

Cyrell opened up to followers on Wednesday, writing on Instagram Stories to say that over the past few days she had dealt with “a screaming, slapping, throw his toys at me child, vomiting, high-fever baby.”

“Being a first-time mum, I didn’t know what to do,” she continued. “So, I called my mother to ask her what to do. He is now back to his healthy self but the attitude hasn’t stopped.”

cryell mum to boston
“I’m trying my best.” (Credit: Instagram)

Revealing she was treating herself to a glass of wine after the stressful week, Cyrell soon returned to share two heartbreaking videos about the pressure to be a perfect mum and how criticism from other mums was adding to the struggle.

“I feel like such a softie of a mum,” she said. “I’m so exhausted, honestly, and I don’t need other mums to tell me ‘this is what you need to do’ and stuff. I never said I’m a perfect mum, I’m trying my best and it’s really getting to me.

“I want to thank the mums who are actually being nice and saying that you’re doing your best, because you know what it’s f—–g hard.”

Cyrell wrote that she was “having a mummy breakdown” as she shared her video. (Credit: Instagram)

Following her video, Cyrell shared another story where she wrote: “I’m sorry for my breakdown I think I’ve held that in a bit too long.

“Be kind to each other. We don’t know what the other is going through. And I know I look like shit! That’s what no sleeping, no rest and too much judgement does to you.

“I’m sorry for the mushy business. We all just want to think we are doing our best.”

Meanwhile, Eden shared an “appreciation post” for Cyrell over on his Instagram page.

“Appreciation post to this beautiful mother @cyrelljimenezpaule and to all the other mothers out there, especially the single mothers don’t know how you do it!” he wrote.

“Having any child is a blessing but can also be very hard work and mentally draining. To my partner @cyrelljimenezpaule keep being the amazing mother you are.”

cyrell eden
Eden called Cyrell an “amazing mother” in his supportive post. (Credit: Instagram)

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