Olivia Frazer breaks silence on her split with Jackson

And she admits they're still living together!
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Olivia Fraser has broken her silence following her shock separation from Jackson Lonie earlier this week

The Married At First Sight stars announced their shock separation on Monday following 10 months together. 

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During an Instagram live, Olivia opened up about the relationship and separation, telling viewers that whilst she is broken-hearted, she’s “okay.”

“I’m okay. I think people are really worried about me but I think when things are the right decision, and I think because I’m setting myself up to be okay, everything is going to be fine.”

“I have so many feelings at the moment. I’m crying at everything. I had a good friend tell me they got a new boyfriend today and I was just sitting there sobbing and saying ‘I’m so happy for you.’”

Olivia and Jackson
Jackson and Olivia have separated after 10 months. (Credit: Nine Network)

During the live video, Olivia also revealed the surprising news that the former couple is still living together. 

“Have I moved house? No, I need to. I’m going to be moving.” 

“Jackson is just in the lounge room watching some Tom Cruise movie. It’s not awkward, we love and respect each other.”

But the MAFS star also revealed that she is already planning to move out. 

“Jackson is [still living with me] just while he is training for the fight. As of next week, I’m going to go stay with friends. I just want to have my own place so I don’t want to be couch surfing for long.”

Olivia Frazer
Olivia broke her silence on an Instagram live video. (Credit: Instagram)

During the video, Olivia also opened up about the speculation online about the separation, slamming it as “really gross actually.” 

“It’s actually really, really mean,” she told viewers, before revealing that “nobody influenced anybody about the breakup.”

“People are nosey. People think because we went on reality TV for a hot second that we owe an explanation about everything in our lives but we don’t. What we choose to share and how transparent we choose to be is out of generosity. We don’t owe people anything.”

Olivia and Jackson
“It’s not awkward, we love and respect each other.” (Credit: Instagram)

She also shared with fans what life is looking like post-breakup, telling them that she felt the “need to batten down the hatches.” 

“I’m hitting up my PT pretty regularly. I’m going to go talk to my doctor because I think there is a massive depression tidal wave coming for me.”

Olivia also shared her future plans to buy a dog, explaining that “it will definitely hold me accountable to being okay [at the moment]. I need to be responsible for something other than myself.”

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