EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight’s Tamara and Dan say Bronson Norrish is not fame hungry

Which is exactly why we LOVE him.
Channel 9

While there appear to be SEVERAL reports stating Bronson Norrish joined Married At First Sight in an attempt to boost his public profile, fellow reality stars Tamara and Dan confirm this is not the case.

Speaking to WHO, the newest couple say that when they ran into Bronson during the reunion episode, he was nothing short of a charming gent.

“I probably spoke to Bronson a little bit, I’ve spoken to him briefly and he seemed really nice. Bronson was lovely,” Tamara, 29, says.
And her new husband echoed her thoughts. “Yeah, he’s so nice. I said hello to him a couple times,” says Dan, 35.
Although there’s a huge chance he may be this year’s Bachelor, Tamara remains certain he was only ever in MAFS on a quest to find love.
“I don’t know my vibe from him personally – in the short time that I met with him was that he was a pretty genuine kind of guy.”

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