WATCH: Married at First Sight’s Cyrell Paule and Eden Dally confront Pelican Cafe about racist attack

The shocking and violent footage was posted online.
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Over the weekend, Married At First Sight star Cyrell Paule was the victim of a shocking racial attack.

The TV star was with her Love Island Australia boyfriend Eden Dally when she was physically attacked. 

The disturbing footage is featured below. 

They have claimed that it was a racially motivated attack. 

In a series of disturbing pics and videos posted to social media, the Channel Nine reality contestant is seen being physically and verbally attacked by a woman whom many believed to be the owner of the cafe.

Now the cafe owner has responded to these claims in a chat with Kyle and Jackie O.

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The owner of the Pelican Cafe, Deborah, chatted to KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O – saying she had nothing to do with the attack on Married At First Sight’s Cyrell

“It was a customer”, Deborah said on-air. 

“My staff, which happened to be two of my daughters, we were in the kitchen. We noticed them walking past and a customer went from my shop outside to take photos.

“She got abused by them across the road,” Kyle then interjected, “Cyrell got abused?”

Deborah then claims that it was actually Cyrell who abused the photographer. 

“No, no. Cyrell was having a go at the customer for taking a photo or videos.”

WATCH: Cyrell and Eden Go Head to Head With Shoal Bay Cafe Owner

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“They (Cyrell and Eden) spotted the customer – who was outside at the time – and attacked her. Eden actually did at first.” 

Jackie tried to clarify: “So Eden attacked the customer who took the photo?” 

“Yeah,” Deborah agreed.. 

“And when you say attacked, how?”

“Like went up to her, pushed her, obviously the customer pushed back and then there were punches thrown. Cyrell was involved. I don’t know how much in that attack, but she was in it.” 

“I rang the police directly after it happened”, Deborah continued. 

“Now when the news stories came out saying the owner of the cafe got into a fight, were you like ‘hell no!'”, co-host, Kyle queried. 

“Yeah absolutely,” confirmed the Pelican Cafe owner. 

“I’ve had to turn my phone off, I’ve been getting calls non-stop of comments of saying that I’m racists and my staff are racist. 

“They’ve ruined my business.” 


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Deborah then claims there was no racist comment made, “In no way did I hear any racist comment made inside my shop.” 

Kyle and Jackie O then got Eden on the line, who refutes the extraordinary claims made by Deborah. 

“She has told multiple lies there,” Eden said. 

“We actually spoke to her yesterday and she had the opportunity to apologise, and she said we owed her an apology.” 

 “We were having lunch and we went to go back to Cyrell’s car and a girl from across the street yells, ‘Hey Cyrell you mutt'”. 

“Anyway she goes, ‘perhaps I should use the word black monkey’.” 

Jackie O tried ask if they were aware it was a customer – not Deborah, the owner’s fault.

“We went into our car to drive off, and as we drove past this cafe, they’re all standing there, all the people in the cafe, and pretending to throw objects at our car,” Eden explained.

“So then we pulled over, walked into the cafe and I said ‘why do you have racists here?’

“And then I look over, and there was the girl [from across the street] and she was behind the counter!” 

“That’s why we assumed that she worked there.” 

“If I saw someone behind the counter you would assume they worked there!” Kyle agreed. 

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