Married At First Sight just dropped who Cyrell glasses

The cyclone has arrived!
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Married At First Sight please don’t leave us.

The finale is just a hot skip away and Nine have pretty much confirmed ALL the rumours.

We’re talking the return of Ines Basic, the secret clip Martha keeps talking about…

And the MAFS reunion where Cyrell glasses someone.

PEOPLE, we have footage below! 100% watch the shocking moment.

Pity Cyclone Cyrell Paule is chucking her red wine everywhere because we definitely need a glass after that.

In the upcoming promo for the reunion dinner party, the 29-year-old unleashes her glass of red wine at  Martha Kalifatidis, staining her white dress.

(Credit: Nine)

The promo also shows Ines Basic in tears.

We see Heidi’s husband Mike cry, “This is why I’m single at 44, you know…”

Then Sam’s ex Elizabeth unleashes, “He’s going to wish he was never born!”

(Credit: Nine)

And then there’s confirmation for one of our favourite rumours – Martha’s secret clip. 

Cyrell and her co-stars see Nic and Jessika looking cosy and then something happens that makes Cyrell shout, “Holy s**t!”

Speaking out on Today Extra, Martha said: “Jess told me at the dinner party that Nic did rub her leg and I think you guys will eventually see that.”

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