EXCLUSIVE: Lyndall opens up about her relationship with Josh

"We only started getting close after the final reunion..."
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She’s feeling empowered since shutting down groom Cameron Woods, 27, at the final vows.

Now, bride Lyndall Grace, 27, tells WHO about why she really had to call her ex-husband out – and reveals the truth about those rumours she’s been dating another groom…

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How are you feeling Lyndall?             

I feel amazing! Calling Cameron out at final vows was a real opportunity for me to say exactly how his behaviour and approach had made me feel. I continuously put my dignity on the line trying to please him. I’m proud that I got to tell him that’s not what a healthy relationship looks like.

Were you surprised he threw his vows on the ground? 

I was completely unsurprised. Whenever Cam and I had to have a hard conversation or things would get tense, he would respond by saying something snarky and then walking out.       

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Are you still in contact with him?    

We text each other here and there. We wish the best for each other, but we’re happy to go back to our own lives. 

We’ve heard talk that you and bride Bronte [Schofield] might be moving to Sydney [from Perth] together?

We’ve talked about it. It’s in the works. We are good friends. 

Will you and her groom Harrison [Boon] ever be friends? 

I don’t think so. He can exist on the planet – as long as it’s not near me or anyone I care about. He’s close to some of the guys from the experiment, but none of the women.  

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Do you know if there’s any truth to the rumour that Cam was texting intruder bride Tayla [Winter]?  

I heard from Cam and Tayla that it was just a FaceTime between them in a club. I don’t know more about it.

How awkward do things get at the upcoming final reunion? 

It’s very tense for lots of couples. For me it was great to see my friends Sandy [Jawanda] and Claire [Nomarhas], that was really beautiful. But the reunion is hectic and a lot of built-up resentments come out.

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Is there any truth to the rumour that you and groom Josh [White] have dated? 

A lot of what’s been said is wildly inaccurate. Josh messaged every person in the cast because he had a rough time when he left his marriage to Melissa [Sheppard] and adjusting back to real life.

At this point during filming, we were just friends and exchanged a couple of messages, but apart from that it was very chill. We only started getting close after the final reunion.

He was supportive of me, because I was dealing with all the Cam stuff. I’ll leave it at that for now. I don’t think I’m quite ready to say much more now, in terms of how I feel. 

So it’s like a ‘watch this space’ between you and Josh? 

Maybe. But it’s also not as big a deal as everyone’s made it. 

We hope you find what you’re looking for.

I’m sure I will – even if I don’t, it can’t be as bad as what happened on the show! 

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