MasterChef fans blast nervous Callum

"It's like watching Mr Bean cook"
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MasterChef fans were left unsettled by contestant Callum Hann’s nervous behaviour during last night’s show.

WATCH: Callum gets flustered trying to keep up with Gordon Ramsay

Despite the fact the 30-year-old ended up winning and scoring immunity from Sunday night’s first elimination, Callum appeared flustered, stressed and disorientated for the majority of the challenge as he tried to keep pace with Gordon Ramsay.

While some viewers found the cooking school teacher’s erratic behaviour amusing, many admitted watching him gave them “second-hand anxiety.’

(Credit: Ten)

‘What has Callum been doing since the fish portion? It’s like he got lost between his bench and Gordon’s and has just now returned to civilisation,’ one fan wrote on Twitter.

Another added: ‘Callum is like watching Mr Bean cook.’

‘Callum reminds me a bit of C3PO,’ pointed out a third.

‘Need horse racing commentary on where everyone is in this race,’ another fan added, trying to keep up with the fast-moving Gordon.

‘Everyone else [is] trying to keep up with Gordon. Callum? Trying to beat yesterday’s step count,’ one fan joked.

‘Oh my gosh, I love Callum but when he is stressed I get secondhand anxiety,’ one fan admitted.

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