Congratulations! Megan Gale celebrates special milestone with daughter Rosie

We can’t believe how similar the mother and daughter look!
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Megan Gale has taken to Instagram to celebrate an exciting milestone that her five-year-old daughter, Rosie just achieved. 

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Rosie, who looks like mum’s spitting image, has completed kindergarten, with Megan sharing a number of cute family pics to celebrate the day. 

“And that’s kinder done and dusted for our girl 🌹 So proud of you sweetheart ♥️ Prep next year! 🥰,” she captioned the post, before tagging husband Shaun Hampson. 

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Megan Gale
Too cute! (Credit: Instagram)

Fans and friends flooded the comments with congratulatory messages, including Teresa Palmer who wrote, “Oh she’s just gorgeous, so much like you Megs xx.”

Celebrity stylist Lana Wilkinson also commented, “Congratulations Mum & Dad ❤️ you did it! Well done Rosie, big school girl now.”

“Oh she’s cute,” wrote a fan, “bit of a mix of both of you has dads eyes the rest is you.”

Megan Gale
The pair look so similar! (Credit: Instagram)

Megan, 47, and her fiancé Shaun Hampson, 34, are parents to both Rosie and 8-year-old brother River. 

In 2019, the model spoke to Australian Women’s Weekly about her daughter’s unique quirks and characteristics.

“She’s like a cross between a wrecking ball and a koala,” laughs Megan. “She’s cheeky, fearless, determined, and just a firecracker.”

Megan Gale
Rosie also has an older brother, River (Credit: Instagram)

However, she also revealed Rosie can be “insanely shy” around unfamiliar faces.

As for son River, the mum-of-two explained how he differs from his sister with his more “inquisitive” nature.

“He’s a pretty quirky, pretty cool kid,” Megan told the publication. “He feels very deeply. He’s very emotional, and he speaks his emotions, which I’ve always taught him to do.”

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