North West’s favourite movie is worrying fans…

Is it age-appropriate?
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Fans are debating whether North West’s “favourite” movie is an appropriate choice thanks to a now-deleted TikTok. 

Watch Below: Creepy detail at North West’s ninth birthday party

The 9-year-old mentioned in the viral clip that The Conjuring three was her “favourite film,” in a TikTok ‘day in the life’ video. 

The 2021 horror film which is rated R for terror, disturbing images and violence, was quickly labelled by fans as an inappropriate choice for the child. 

“Great parenting, Kim and Kanye. What the hell is wrong with you that you’d let a 9 year old watch an R rated movie?” commented one fan, whilst others agreed that the movie was not age-appropriate.

North West
Fans don’t think the horror movie is an appropriate choice for the 9 year old. (Credit: Instagram)

This isn’t the first time North’s TikTok’s have caused controversy, with the account, which is run by mum Kim Kardashian a topic of concern with Kanye West. 

Kanye called Kim out earlier this year for allowing North to be on the app “without his permission” and accusing her of “antagonising” him by posting. 

Although it is unclear whether North has actually watched the film, it isn’t the first time Kim has been called out for her non-child-appropriate parenting choices. 

North Wesr
North is Kim’s eldest child. (Credit: Instagram)

Earlier this year the mum-of-four posted a series of photos from ‘Camp North’ to Instagram, showing off her nine-year-old’s luxe accommodation and activities as she celebrated her June 15 birthday.

Snaps showed black and silver balloons arranged by a private jet, which had been decked out with camp-themed goodies, and kids’ tents set up in a huge room.

Eagle-eyed fans spotted one bizarre detail on the decorations though; the tents, which were set up inside, appeared to be decorated with fake blood spatters.

“The blood-spattered deer tents are something,” one commented, another calling the detail “morbid”.

North West
Even North’s Halloween costume was slammed by fans for not being “age-appropriate.” (Credit: Tik Tok)

Kim addressed the odd choice in an Instagram Story, where she was heard saying of the unique setup: “North’s creepy wilderness birthday, it’s so cool,”

Other photos from Kim showed North and friends cuddled up in the tents on tiny mattresses complete with cosy blankets and matching custom ‘Camp North’ PJs.

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