Osher Günsberg’s throwback video will have you doing a double-take

Never forget Andrew G.
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When you’ve been in show biz as long as Osher Günsberg one thing is all but certain: There’s going to be some incredible archive footage on hand of your past fashion choices.

WATCH BELOW: Osher Günsberg shares incredible throwback video

The second certainty is that your past fashion choices are almost always regrettable. If you lived through the 90s, you know what were talking about.

From his days starting out as Andrew G to the super host he is today as Osher Günsberg, there’s no denying he’s a TV legend.

But, even legends make poor fashion choices. Although we’re sure they were very on-point for the time.

Taking to Instagram The Bachelor host shared a clip from the 2000 ARIA Awards where he was presenting the Channel V Oz Artist of the Year.

ICONIC. (Credit: Instagram)
With an untailored suit, long hair pulled back into a low pony and tinted sunglasses we all owned a pair of, Osher looks almost unrecognisable.

And you can bet he poked fun at himself for it.

“#flashbackfriday It’s been 20 years since this night,” he began.

“In those 20 years, I have among other things:⁠
⁠a) learned what tailoring is⁠
⁠b) got a better haircut (there were some dodgy ones for a while)⁠
⁠c) settled on aviators as a standard of sunglasses. ⁠”

He went on to add: “Mary on the other hand – looked incredible that night and remains stunningly fabulous to this day. ⁠
“Oh yeah, and @silverchairband remain rock gods don’t they?⁠”
Osher is step-dad to Georgia and father to Wolfie. (Credit: Instagram)
A lot more has changed in the past two decades than just fashion choices. Osher is now a family man raising step-daughter Georgia and son Wolfie with his wife Audrey Griffen.

Osher met Audrey in 2014 when she was doing his make-up on The Bachelor, and they married in December 2016.

“She’s just an extraordinary human being,” he told TV WEEK. “I mean, she raised Georgia as a single mum. It’s a bit tough that she’s gone back into that mode, but now with two kids.”

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