Sophie Monk confirms she feels pressured to play up her interactions with boyfriend Stu Laundy

"I'm just done with it."

The Bachelorette finale aired two months ago, and ever since Sophie Monk and her boyfriend Stu Laundy have been hit by rumours of a break-up and scrutinized for their ‘awkward’ public sightings – but now the actress finally addresses the situation at length.

‘I’m just done with it [public opinion]… we can’t win,’ Monk revealed during an interview on the No Filter podcast.

The 37-year-old went on to explain the photos which show the couple in an “awkward” light.

“We’re at the airport at they’ll just be like ‘kiss’ and I’m like ‘why are we doing this?’ and then they’re like ‘overboard! You’re Trying too hard!'” she said.

“Or [they’re like] we’re not affectionate enough.”

The former Bachelorette star then confirmed the reason they’re rarely sighted together is that she is quite simply, busy focusing on her work.

“I travel a lot for work. I think they’re used to these people coming off the show and being together as a profession every day, but I’m never home,” she confessed. 

While the star enjoys spending time with Laundy, 44, Monk reveals that she’s on a mission to seek out more work opportunities.

“Commercials for things, radio – I LOVE working… I’m travelling all over the country all the time, I’m an entertainer at the end of the day, I just love making people laugh.”

And we love her hilarious energy, you do you, Sophie! 

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