The Bachelorette’s Blake Colman speaks to WHO following his elimination

What Blake really thinks of Jarrod.
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The Bachelorette’s Blake Colman speaks to WHO about his relationship with Sophie Monk outside of the show, Australia’s ‘hate’ for him and who he wants to win the show.

WHO: Today you’ve made it clear that you’re not a fan of Jarrod. Why is that?

BLAKE COLMAN: What you saw on the show, me and him speak now, but on the show obviously we had quite a few tiffs and a lot of things happened. So it is what it is.

WHO: Have you been in contact with Sophie since you left the Bachelor mansion?

BLAKE: Yes, yes I have.

WHO: So you two are all good now? Because you didn’t seem too happy last night when she sent you home…

BLAKE: It was more surprising. You just got dumped do you stick around and go ‘oh no it’s fine I hope you meet a guy right next to you’? You don’t. It’s just natural.

WHO: Who do you think will win?

BLAKE: Tough choice between Apollo and Stu. I have no idea.

WHO: Who do you want Sophie to choose out of those two?

BLAKE: Umm, I’d say Stu because he’s already at that age and I just see Apollo has got so many great things to accomplish. Either way, it’s really hard, they’re both really good guys.

WHO: Would you consider doing The Bachelor or any other dating shows?

BLAKE: If it worked out to be some good crew and half of Australia didn’t hate me any more then maybe [laughs].

WHO: Do you feel that Australia really does hate you now?

BLAKE: Oh man it’s crazy how many people want to get violent on the comments. I’m like settle down guys it’s just a TV show, there’s bigger problems in life.

WHO: But did you expect to get hate from your Instagram caption last night? You only mentioned Stu and Apollo and didn’t say much about Jarrod.

BLAKE: At the end of the day ask any of the boys, they’d back me up on that. At the end of the day I just think Stu and Apollo are better catches for her. 

WHO: Are you still single?

BLAKE: Yes I am still single.

WHO: Are you looking to date?

BLAKE: Whatever comes my way. I’m not openly looking now I’m just concentrating on my life.

WHO: Are you just back to work and normal life now?

BLAKE: Yeah just back doing my thing and figuring out what to do next. 

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