The common link between Sasha Mielczarek and David Beckham

The answer might surprise you
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Since appearing on the Bachelorette last year and winning the heart of Sam Frost, Sasha Mielczarek has been a fixture on the social scene.

From attending the Melbourne Cup to accompanying his girlfriend to the Logies, Sasha is adept at looking spick and span on the red carpet.

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While Sam Frost is known for her love of beauty, it might come as a surprise that he beau is equally informed when it comes to skincare and grooming.

The radio host recently detailed just how far the builder has come when it comes to his cleansing and moisturizing regimen.

“He uses my face moisturizers all the time, and he uses my hair products too.” Sam confessed.

But Sasha isn’t alone in men who are taking an interest in the upkeep of their hair and skin.

David Beckham today announced a he was developing his own skincare line to launch in 2017.

“Taking care of yourself -both inside and out,” the sporting superstar disclosed. “For me, just doing the simple things can make a real difference. Staying fit, taking time to moisturise, drinking lots of water and using the right products for your own skin type.”

The forthcoming collaboration between himself and Biotherme Homme, will launch a collection of premium face care and grooming treatments that fight dry skin, combat sun damage and fight signs of ageing.

Beckham recently celebrated his 41st birthday and continues to stay in peak condition with regular classes at Soul Cycle, where he is often accompanied by wife Victoria.

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