We can’t praise be: the photo that will ruin ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ S3

You won't believe what happens to June next!
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Whether or not you agreed with the way Season 2 of The Handmaid’s Tale concluded, it did seem like we’d seen the last of June (Elisabeth Moss) biding her time among the Handmaids in Gilead. She was about to start a revolution – an expectation that was backed up by the trailer for Season 3, which you can watch below.

An official teaser released shortly before the trailer showed June in disguise, wearing the clothes of a Martha, the servant class who had helped her escape the Waterfords’ house with baby Nicole. Looked like June was going to go undercover to try and rescue her other daughter, Hannah (Jordana Blake), and maybe bring about the downfall of the authoritarian regime in the process.

But a new photo taken during filming of Season 3 in Toronto, Canada confirms our worst fears for both June and the show …

The Handmaid's Tale S3
(Credit: Mega)

Not only is June back in the red cloak of a Handmaid, but she’s surrounded by other Handmaids and clearly in distress. Looks like she’s been recaptured and returned to life as an enforced surrogate, which is the last thing that needs to happen in Season 3. Been there done that. Twice.

But maybe we shouldn’t be too hasty to judge. Perhaps the scene was a flashback? Or hopefully there’s a very good reason June is Offred once more and it’s all part of a masterplan? Either way, we’ll be watching The Handmaid’s Tale when it returns to SBS in June and crossing our fingers that they don’t ruin the show.

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