EXCLUSIVE: The Living Room hosts’ behind-the-scenes antics

The Fab Four are ready to air some dirty laundry about their co-stars.
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They are the funniest foursome working in Australian TV today. And ahead of the return of Network Ten’s hit lifestyle program The Living Room, WHO sat down with the hosts to get the lowdown on all the behind-the-scenes antics.

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Luckily for us, Amanda Keller, 59, Chris Brown, 42, Miguel Maestre, 41, and Barry Du Bois, 60, aren’t afraid to name and shame their co-stars, and reveal what really happens around the set when the cameras are off. All in the name of good fun, of course!

Which of you is the messiest around the studio?

DU BOIS I’m the messiest in the green room. Miguel is very clean, always spotless. When we work together, he’ll have me wiping down benches. I’m more likely to leave clothes around and forget things.

BROWN Definitely Miguel. And because he wears the brightest clothing, like a watermelon leather jacket, it looks like a unicorn vomited in our dressing room most days.

MAESTRE Gringo [Brown] for sure! He’s not that messy, but he certainly has the most things. He is the kind of guy that travels with a camera, his lenses, a laptop, his special green tea, his special snacks and headphones – the list is endless! He needs a trolley to carry all his things, like people at the airport.

Amanda, Chris, Miguel and Barry are back for season 10. (Credit: Channel 10)

Who’s most likely to be late, either at the airport, on set or for an appointment?

BROWN I fear this will be me. And Miguel will especially love saying it’s me. But it’s clearly just because, as the one who does the most travel, more flights means more chances of missing one. Right, guys? Guys?

KELLER It pains me to say it, because I love him so much, but Chris is guaranteed to be the one to lope in at the last minute.

DU BOIS Agree, it’s definitely Chris. But only because he always has so much on, and is always squeezing a little more in.

MAESTRE Gringo! But who can blame him when he always has so many things to carry to the set.

“Miguel and Chris are quite mischievous on set and they make us laugh,” says Du Bois. (Credit: Channel 10)

Who is most likely to forget lines, crack up or mess up on camera?

BROWN Miguel. Barry once referred to him as a walking “encyclopaedia of stupidity”, which beautifully sums up his ability to find something unpredictable and amusing in just about every situation.

MAESTRE I’m the worst person to read a script, but we don’t really have much scripting on The Living Room, thankfully. If you try to tell me what to say, I’ll likely get it back to front but it makes us all laugh. Yesterday they wanted me to say “couch potato” and I said “potato on the couch”. Being Spanish, English isn’t my first language and I mess up.

KELLER Miguel will crack up at his own mispronunciation of words.

DU BOIS Miguel and Chris are quite mischievous on set and they make us laugh.

Keller claims Du Bois is the messiest cast member. “I was in his car the other day and there was so much stuff in it – he even had a solar panel in the back.” (Credit: Channel 10)

What was the last gift you received from one of your co-stars?

DU BOIS For my 60th, Amanda gave me something I definitely didn’t have – a golden toothbrush!

BROWN Miguel always brings the cheese. Quite literally, he’s always giving us different cheeses and beers that he makes himself. It’s great.

KELLER Miguel bought me a vintage chicken teapot at an op shop and it was just perfect.

MAESTRE Amanda gave me the most amazing cocktail shaker, which is made from the skin of a stingray. Barry bought me an amazing knife made by a Japanese metal worker. And Gringo got me a professional lens for my camera, it’s great for taking portrait photos.

“We all work together a lot this season, which is great.” (Credit: Instagram/Ten)

Who has a surprising skill or hidden talent that we don’t know about?

DU BOIS Miguel is quite a good artist, he’s a great painter.

BROWN Amanda’s singing voice is actually remarkable. She should definitely use it more often.

MAESTRE Amanda has so many secret talents. What lots of people don’t know is that she’s an amazing baker. Because Amanda is the host, we don’t talk about it much but she always sends me photos.

KELLER Chris is a card-carrying member of Spotlight and takes his costumes for fancy dress very seriously!

What is your favourite segment or story that you work on with one of your castmates in the upcoming season?

MAESTRE My favourite segments are always the ones when all four of us are involved. It’s hard to choose a favourite, it’s like choosing a favourite child.

BROWN Amanda sitting at the helm of a 4WD caravan and making her way through tricky terrain is hilarious, and probably the perfect metaphor for this show.

DU BOIS We all work together a lot this season, which is great. I haven’t done up a caravan before so I loved renovating that for the first episode. And getting to cook with Miguel is a real treat! 

(The Living Room premieres Fri., Mar. 26, 7.30pm on Network Ten)

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(Credit: WHO)

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