Abbie Chatfield and Konrad Bien-Stephens share their first photos as a couple

Please enjoy the first photos of the latest Bachie couple.
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Konrad Bien-Stephens excitedly confirmed his relationship with Abbie Chatfield in an interview with WHO last week, following his elimination from The Bachelorette Australia. Now, the pair have cemented their romance with their first Instagram Official post. This is love in the digital age, people.

WATCH: Abbie Chatfield gives Konrad Bien-Stephens a face massage with her feet

The Bachelor and Bachelorette Australia stars were rumoured to be together after they were spotted kissing in Byron Bay a few week’s ago. Though Konrad was still on the show at the time, vying for Brooke Blurton’s heart, fans were ecstatic to see he’d found romance with Abbie.

“When I met her, we got along like a house on fire. We have talked since then about the whole [Bachelor/Bachelorette] experience, but at first it was really just that I thought she was rad. We got along so well,” he told us after his time on the series came to an end.

As much as I’m super grateful to have met Brooke… Abbie, what can I say? She’s an amazing girl and I’m excited to see what the future holds.”

Now, they’ve made their social media debut with a “hard launch” on Abbie’s Instagram page, following a “soft launch” on TikTok on Monday. If you don’t know, we’ll get to what that means in a minute.

abbie and konrad
Konrad and Abbie confirmed they were dating last week. (Credit: Instagram)

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, Abbie shared a carousel of loved-up snaps and videos with her new man.

Me: I’ll never talk about who I’m dating publicly,” she wrote, alongside the words “This mf:” with a boy emoji. 

With photos of Konrad hanging out in Abbie’s new Byron Bay pad – and funny clips of them doing facial massages (with feet???) and helping each other use eye drops – it’s clear they’re both already feeling comfortable in the blossoming relationship.

And so do her famous friends, with stars like Holly Kingston, Martha Kalifatidis, Amelia Marni and Jade Tunchy commenting on the boyfriend reveal by Abbie. Though, Brooke Blurton was not among those to congratulate the pair.

abbie chatfield konrad bien stephens dating
Abbie and Konrad strike a pose with cocktails in Byron Bay. (Credit: Instagram)
abbie and konrad dating
Abbie shared a ‘boyfriend reveal’ with fans. (Credit: Instagram)

Earlier this week Abbie shared a clip posted to TikTok and Instagram Stories, where she spoke with Konrad about their relationship styles after taking a quiz. Though, she didn’t actually show his face. 

On the interwebs, we call this a soft launch. It’s where you post something about a partner in the early days, without actually posting them. An arm in a photo from your date night; a person speaking in the background of your video; a small silhouette standing in the distance on a hike. You get it.

It’s the opposite of a hard launch, which is kind of what Konrad did by telling 10 he was “head over heels” for Abbie. But she seems smitten as well, even joking about doing her own “hard launch” after the video – which she’s clearly done now, two days later.

In her posts, Abbie compares her “anxious avoidant” relationship style to Konrad’s “securely attached” style. 

“When he takes the quiz and is securely attached so now you’re guaranteed to be the toxic one in the relationship,” she wrote over a photo of herself drinking.

abbie chatfield posts instagram story about konrad
Abbie shared their relationship styles on Instagram. (Credit: Instagram)

“There goes all my hopes of being the victim,” Abbie says to Konrad in the following video.

“You wanted to be the victim?” Konrad asks, to which she replies: “I didn’t want to be the toxic one.”

“Why does anyone have to be toxic?” he asks, with Abbie laughing and saying “sweet boy” before they both laugh. Watch the exchange below.

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