Al Perkins’ MAFS ex reacts to shock Love Island news

Is the former groom in breach of his Married At First Sight contract?
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Sam Moitzi has spoken out after news leaked that her former Married At First Sight “husband” Al Perkins will be appearing on the upcoming season of Love Island Australia.

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Sam took to Instagram to say that while she’s “definitely not annoyed” her ex was going on the dating show, she felt “a little bit confused”, hinting Al may potentially be in breach of his MAFS contract.

“We’re actually not allowed to apply for any reality TV shows for like, over a year of the last episode airing, so that’s quite a long way away,” she said in a video.

“But I guess because Love Island’s a Channel Nine production, maybe he got special allowance for that? I’m not sure.”

Sam, who went public last month with her new boyfriend Gibson “Gibo” Cleal, said she was “super happy” for Al’s new experience.

Sam Moitzi has reacted to news her Married At First Sight “husband” Al Perkins will be be on Love Island Australia. (Credit: Nine)

“I think he’s going to love Love Island. I mean, he loves a tan, he loves getting his shirt off, he loves the boys, he loves pretty women in bikinis. So like, why would he not have the best time?” she said.

“Honestly, I hope he finds love. I do.”

Sam’s response comes five months after she claimed Al didn’t go on MAFS looking for love, instead with hopes of becoming a star.

Last month, Al was photographed filming the fourth season of Love Island Australia in Mallorca, Spain.

Al may potentially be in breach of his MAFS contract. (Credit: Instagram)

Paparazzi photos from the set of the upcoming season showed Al relaxing on a daybed with fellow contestants.

In May, Al, who was a fan favourite on MAFS‘ ninth season, revealed in May that he had quit his job as a carpenter to make a career as a full-time influencer.

“I had so much on after the show finished. It became too much of a balancing act with all the new opportunities that have popped up,” he told Daily Mail at the time.

“I was working three days a week then went to two days then sometimes just working one day because I was having so much fun.”

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