Andy Lee reveals he secretly dated, and was later ghosted by, a world famous singer

Oh what could've been!
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This morning, Andy Lee stopped by Nova FM and unexpectedly let fans in on a little secret— 13 years ago, he secretly dated famous British singer, Lily Allen, best known for songs like, Somewhere Only We Know and The Fear

WATCH BELOW: Andy spills all the details of their brief courtship! 

“I went on a few dates with Lily Allen back in the day,” he told Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa. “Two dates. And I was really into her.” 

The pair met back in 2006 when the budding pop star was touring her album Alright, Still, and stopped by Hamish and Andy’s radio show for a chat. Following their on-air conversation, Lilly invited him to her concert in Melbourne where she serenaded him and even dedicated her hit tune, Littlest Things to him! 

“Midway through the set Lily said, ‘Hey, I met a really cute guy today. His name’s Andy, works at a radio station … This is a song for him.’ And she played a song called [Littlest Things],” he said. “Half the crowd are turning around going, ‘I think she’s talking to you.’ Lily saw me and sung the end of the song to me.” 

After the gig, Lilly and Andy went on a date, and then another date a few days later. And then… she ghosted him!  

“We went out for dinner and then we shared a kiss in the car on the way home and I got dropped off,” he said. “She left the country and there was a bit of pining. I was like, ‘That was fun, that was great, I think we got along.’ And then I emailed her and never heard back and I thought, ‘Oh gosh, that hasn’t gone well.'”  

Cya, Andy. (Credit: Getty)

In the hopes of salvaging their budding romance, Andy wrote her a song called Little Things… which definitely didn’t make it to the charts. 


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