Ariana Grande cops major backlash over ‘7 Rings’

This'll rain on her parade.

Uh oh. Days after releasing her highly anticipated new single, ‘7 Rings’ Ariana Grande has landed herself in hot water. 

Yesterday, the singer took to Instagram to say she was “so sorry” to anyone who was offended by the hit tune. The apology comes after Grande reposted a fan’s Instagram story which quoted a line from the song. 

“You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it…” the post read. The user then sarcastically added, “White women talking about their weaves is how we’re gonna solve racism.”

While the Grande captioned the re-post “so much love” she swiftly deleted it after eagle-eyed followers accused her of being insensitive.

Naturally, The Shade Room— an infamous Instagram account which dishes the dirt on celebs— screenshotted the post, promoting Grande to slide into the comments and respond. 

“I’m so sorry if my response was out of pocket or if it came across the wrong way. Thanks for opening the conversation and like… to everyone for talking to me about it.” 

We suspect this heartfelt apology also comes after the 25-year-old was accused of ripping off rapper Princess Nokia’s song ‘Mine’.

“That sounds really familiar to me, oh my god,” Nokia tweeted. “Ain’t that the little song I made about brown women and their hair? Hm. Sounds about white.”

Fans have come the rapper’s defence, with one even suggesting Grande’s “new album literally plagiarizes flows, words, bars from Nokia…” 

Nokia then deleted her initial video after Grande’s producer accused her of stealing the melody from their first sample pack. 

“Your producers stole this from our first sample track @oshimakesmusic made that melody.”

Despite the drama, the pop star’s new hit broke Spotify’s record for the most streams in the first 24 hours of its release. Clearly, 15 million people thought it was worthy of a listen! 

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