Who will be the Australian Idol 2022 judges?

Mark, Marcia, Dicko and Kyle - you've had your turn.
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Australian Idol fans collectively lost their minds when it was announced the beloved reality singing show was coming back in 2022. After all, we wouldn’t have treasures like Guy Sebastian, Jessica Mauboy and Matt Corby without them so it’s a pretty big deal.

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Its contestants were stand-outs but back in the 2000s, Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson, Marcia Hines, Mark Holden, Kyle Sandlilands and for a hot minute Jay Dee Springbett were the panel of judges everyone wanted to impress. Who didn’t want a touchdown?

However with every revamp of a classic favourite, some things need to change.

Aside from the fresh batch of talented Aussie musicians who will try their luck, it’s time to mix it up with a new line-up of judges that reflect Australia and the music industry today.

The old judges were memorable, but who will fill their shoes? (Credit: Ten)

There will be one big name who won’t be lending himself to the judging panel on the show that will now air on Channel Seven.

Despite winning the very first season and admitting that it represents “nothing but great things” for him and that he’s “forever grateful for it”, Guy Sebastian admitted he’d turn down a judging role.

“I’m not one of those people to be w**ky about it and try and be too cool for school. I came about on Idol ‘cause that was my journey and I’m super proud of that,” the 39-year-old told HIT Queensland’s breakfast with Cliffo and Gabi.

“I’m sure I’ll do something on it but I don’t want to have an official role just because I don’t want to jump from TV show to TV show and be that guy!”

Imagine a Nollsie and Guy reunion duet… (Credit: Getty)

So who will the 2022 hopefuls be auditioning and performing in front of?

Dicko, Marcia, Mark, Kyle and Jay worked then, but for 2022 viewers need to see experts who play a major role in Aussie music and ideally at least one familiar face from the franchise.

Underrated treasure Ricki-Lee Coulter is rumoured to be one. But hear us out, these are the some of the other people we want to see as the next Australian Idol judges…

Shannon Noll

If Guy’s not keen, we need another icon from the first season and who better than Shannon ‘Nollsie’ Noll?

The What About Me singer knows exactly what to do in an audition and how to navigate the Idol experience and would no doubt provide some much needed humour along the way.

Jessica Mauboy

Speaking of returning stars, we wouldn’t have some of our favourite pop hits without a certain Darwinian singer.

Jess Mauboy captivated audiences from the moment she auditioned with a Whitney Houston anthem and would be the perfect mix of a professional mentor and supportive consul.

Ms Mauboy deserves a seat on that judging panel! (Credit: Getty)

Dann Hume

This name may not sound familiar but Dann is one of the industry’s top producers and has worked with big Aussie artists including Matt Corby, Amy Shark, Troye Sivan and Client Liaison.

This multiple ARIA winner knows the industry and would no doubt provide that much-needed insider info.

Tina Arena

She’s made it into the ARIA Hall of Fame, has been awarded an Order of Australia and sung at the 2000 Olympic Opening Ceremony so Tina is almost over-qualified for Idol.

The singer-songwriter is also a prominent activist and has urged the music industry to fight sexual discrimination so she’s definitely a role model the next generation of musicians can look up to.

tina arena
If Tina Arena was on Idol, we’d watch for sure! (Credit: Instagram)

Simon Cowell

Ok it’s a long-shot but he’s already conquered the UK and the US so shouldn’t the next move in Simon Cowell’s career be to jet over Down Under?

Simon is the original mean judge and with his combo of witty slams and music producer knowledge, he could be responsible for finding the Aussie One Direction.

Kylie Minogue

Her sister Dannii has taken on The Masked Singer and The X Factor, but national treasure Kylie would be welcomed back to Australia with open arms if she agreed to be an Idol judge.

Just think of the live performances!

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