The most iconic Australian Idol moments in history

It's back in 2022!
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Some of the country’s biggest musical stars had their humble beginnings on the show and now Channel Seven has officially announced the return of Australian Idol in 2022.

WATCH BELOW: Shannon Noll comes second on Australian Idol

The news was announced as part of Seven’s 2022 primetime line-up with the network’s Director of Programming Angus Ross calling Idol “the granddaddy of them all.” 

“The biggest show in the world comes to Seven in 2022, and we know Australians are going to love it,” Ross told 7 News.

“We can’t wait to bring Idol back to Australian audiences in 2022, putting our prime time content line-up even further ahead of the competition.”

“We’re home to the biggest franchises in television at Seven, and Idol is the biggest of them all. Bring on 2022.”

The show originally aired from 2003 to 2009 on Channel 10 and catapulted musicians like Guy Sebastian, Shannon Noll, Jessica Mauboy, Matt Corby, Ricki-Lee Coulter and Casey Donovan to fame.

We may have more than a year to wait until Idol is back on screens, so in the meantime let’s take a trip down memory lane for the show’s most memorable moments.

Remember this lot? (Credit: Network 10)

Guy Sebastian’s controversial victory over Shannon Noll

Cast your minds back to 2003 when it all began and any Aussie will know that this was arguably one of the most divisive moments in television.

The live final at the Sydney Opera House saw three million people tune in and many felt that Shannon should have emerged victorious – even former hosts James Mathison and Osher Gunsberg (formerly Andrew G) are asked about it to this day!

Was it a robbery? (Credit: Getty)

Whenever Mark Holden awarded a touchdown

When it came to performances, you were either good, bad or if you were lucky, Mark Holden would deem you worth of a “touchdown.”

The original judge first coined the catchphrase after Cosima De Vito’s rendition of Cold Chisel’s When The War Is Over and from then, it became a phenomenon and remains one of Mark’s “happiest memories.”

“I still get asked to do it, but there has to be a reason, I can’t just do it without a reason,” he told Vice in 2017.

“Touchdown!” (Credit: Network 10)

Cosima De Vito pulling out of the competition

In a move that surprised everyone, Cosima revealed she had nodules on her throat that were affecting her performances and ended up dropping out ahead of the season one finale.

“This has been the most difficult decision of my life but the next few weeks are going to be very very intense with touring and recording and I’m not sure that I’m going to be able to give 100 per cent and that my voice is going to hold up,” an emotional Cosima said at the time as she wished Guy and Shannon luck with the final.

It still brings a tear to the eye 17 years later!

Cosima placed third after pulling out of the first season for health reasons. (Credit: Network 10)

The gold dress scandal

After Paulini Curuenavuli sang her powerful version of Destiny’s Child hit Survivor, all judges Ian “Dicko” Dickson and Mark Holden could talk about was her gold dress.

“If I was hated last week, I’m going to be really hated this week. What’s with what you’re wearing girl?” Mark asked. Cue the booing crowd.

Dicko only made our blood boil when he said: “You should choose more appropriate clothes or shed some pounds.”

We hope nothing like that will be said on the 2022 revamp.

We think she looked amazing! (Credit: Network 10)

Ricki-Lee Coulter leaving way before her time

Seven may be a lucky number, but for hopeful Ricki-Lee Coulter it wasn’t the case when she placed seventh in the second season back in 2004.

However, she snagged a deal with a record deal along with eventual winner Casey Donovan and runner-up Anthony Callea so we suppose the Australian public can be forgiven for eliminating her far too soon.

Robbed! (Credit: Network 10)

Lee Harding’s rendition of Eye of the Tiger

It was the punk rock version of a classic hit we didn’t know we needed and Lee Harding granted our wishes during season three.

Lee’s risky and “frantic” performance paid off though and left judges Mark Holden, Marcia Hines and Kyle Sandilands with the biggest grins on their faces and even received an iconic touchdown.

Lee’s risky and “frantic” performance paid off though and left judges Mark Holden, Marcia Hines and Kyle Sandilands. (Credit: Network 10)

Jessica Mauboy’s heart-stopping Alice Springs audition

It takes a brave singer to take on Whitney Houston but a then-16-year-old Jess Mauboy’s I Have Nothing audition still gives us goosebumps.

Singing outside in Alice Springs, the judges were impressed to say the least and instantly gave her three yeses.

Damien Leith was good, but we’re Team Mauboy all the way.

jessica mauboy
An angel if ever there was one. (Credit: Network 10)

Matt Corby before his indie pop days

A sweet, innocent 16-year-old rocked up to audition in 2007 and little did we know that he’d end up being one of the country’s biggest musical acts.

Matt Corby blew fans away with his dreamy noughties looks and unique voice but was pipped at the post by eventual winner Natalie Gauci.

His rendition of The Blower’s Daughter was particularly mesmerising…chills!

Talk about a noughties dreamboat! (Credit: Network 10)

Kyle Sandilands getting the boot

He’s known for his controversy, but after a lie detector stunt on his 2Day FM radio show with co-host Jackie O, Kyle Sandilands was axed from the judging panel in 2009.

Ten issued a statement saying that Australian Idol “is very much a family program” and that it didn’t align with Kyle’s radio persona.

‘‘It has become increasingly clear that as Idol has remained a family focused show … his radio persona has taken on a more controversial position.’’

Kyle (left) with fellow Idol judges Marcia Hines and Dicko. (Credit: Network 10)

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