Bachelor star defends ‘stage five clinger’ Brooke

"These women are entitled to be interrogating whether Jimmy is the right partner"
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Former Bachelor star Alisha Aitken-Radburn has defended Brooke Cleal after viewers branded her a “stage-five clinger”.

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Brooke, who made it to the final two with Holly Kingston, was criticised for being “needy” after airing concerns over Jimmy’s shift work and how it could potentially affect their future together.

Then during hometown dates, the 27-year-old’s own brother admitted to the pilot that she is “codependent” in relationships.

Brooke Cleal
Brooke was branded “needy” by viewers after she aired her concerns over Jimmy’s shift work and how it could potentially affect their future together. (Credit: Ten)

But Alisha, who appeared on two seasons of Bachelor in Paradise as well as Nick Cummins’ season of The Bachelor, came to Brooke’s defence.

“Can I just say that unpacking your codependent past, discussing what you feel you need in a partner for a relationship to be successful (for them to be physically present) and sharing your love language is NOT being a ‘stage fiver clinger’,” Alisha wrote on Instagram.

“In fact these are conversations that you SHOULD be having before you enter a serious relationship.

“It’s not all about [Jimmy], these women are entitled to be interrogating whether Jimmy is the right partner for them as well.”

Alisha Aitken-Radburn
Alisha Aitken-Radburn, from Nick Cummins’ season, came to Brooke’s defence. (Credit: Instagram)

The 28-year-old said the franchise has copped flak in the past for conversations between the lead and contestants being “surface level”.

“But these are the conversations I love to see!” Alisha said.

“I think more relationships would be successful if we were having honest conversations with each other and both parties have a clear understanding of the challenges that may lay ahead.”

Holly Kingston and Brooke Cleal are the final two ladies vying for Jimmy Nicholson’s heart. (Credit: Ten)

Alisha went on to say she is torn on who will end up winning Jimmy’s heart, but acknowledged Brooke and her fellow finalist Holly Kingston both have “distinct connections” with the 32-year-old.

With conspiracy theories floating around the Bachieverse just hours from the finale, last year’s runner up Bella Valeris has also weighed in on who will be the final woman standing.

Jimmy Nicholson
Alisha praised Brooke for asking Jimmy tough relationship questions. (Credit: Ten)

While watching last night’s penultimate episode, Bella – who appeared on Locky Gilbert’s season – said it is “obvious” Brooke wins.

Based on the edit, we now know that Brooke is the one Jimmy ends up with,” she told her 110,000 Instagram followers.

“Key points for that is the music that’s used is all magical and twinkly and lovey dovey.”

Brooke Cleal
TAB and Sportsbet have predicted Brooke will be this year’s runner-up. (Credit: Ten)

“She’s the only one that Jimmy actually spoke about his feelings in response to how she feels. With the other girls he just sat there, or [the producers] cut out if he said anything to them in the edit.”

Currently, both Sportsbet and TAB predict an identical winner for Jimmy.

The predicted winner, Holly, has been listed as a 1.30 on Sportsbet, and a 1.10 on TAB, while Brooke’s odds stand at 3.25 and 6.00. 

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