Bella Varelis’ cheeky response to rumours she’s dating Frazer Neate

They make a very cute couple, tbh.
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The Bachelorettes Frazer Neate has been a firm front-runner in the race to win Elly Miles’ heart since the premiere episode. (Remember the chemistry between them on the red carpet?) However, in recent days, rumours have been rife that the 28-year-old concreter has set his sights on a different Bachie babe: Bella Varelis.

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It all started on Monday when New Idea reported that Frazer was “unlikely to find his match on the show.” And, since Bella had wasted no time putting herself back on the market since being dumped by Locky Gilbert, it would “be unsurprising” if he wound up pursuing her.


“He would go for Bella. She is the kind of girl he goes for,” an insider told the publication. “It’s a pretty small world in Bachie land and all the past contestants hang out with each other. They will no doubt cross paths or reach out to each other at some point, if they haven’t already.”

When eagle-eyed fans noted that the social media influencer had quietly started following Frazer on Instagram, it only added fuel to the fire – especially considering his contract with Network 10 states he has to keep any relationships outside of the mansion under wraps until his stint on the show has ended.

Sneaky! Bella (pictured) has started following Frazer on Instagram. (Credit: Instagram)

“Literally never spoken to the bloke,” she said in an interview with The Wash this week, adding that the rumour was the “furthest thing from the truth.”

Still, sources remain unconvinced that Frazer has found true love on the reality show – or that he and Bella won’t end up together.

“Frazer wasn’t really into either of the sisters at first to be honest, but he went in there with an open mind,” an insider told New Idea. “Who knows, maybe if it doesn’t work out with Elly … you never know what could happen in the future.”

Never say never, Bella!

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