Noticeable no-shows at Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s wedding weekend

Everyone who did - and did not - attend the celebrations.
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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck said ‘I do’ over the weekend, in a three-day intimate wedding celebration. 

Just one month after the pair tied the knot in Las Vegas, they threw a second wedding celebration at their $8 million Georgia estate. 

And although many A-list celebs and Hollywood stars were seen at the bash – there were a few surprising no-shows. 

Page Six reported that Casey Affleck was seen at a Starbucks in Los Angeles on Saturday morning as his brother prepared to wed Lopez in a different state. 

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
(Credit: Getty) (Credit: Getty)

Paparazzi questioned Casey, asking “why aren’t you in Georgia right now, man?”

But an uncomfortable Casey didn’t reply – only mentioning “I have other things” before driving away. 

The Affleck brothers have been known for their close bond, both professionally and personally, which is why the wedding snub is especially surprising to fans. 

There is a chance Casey could have flown across the country to make it to the celebrations in time, but he wasn’t the only person fans were surprised to see away from Georgia. 

Casey and Ben Affleck
It is believed that Casey Affleck did not attend the wedding celebrations. (Credit: Getty) (Credit: Getty)

Ben Affleck’s ex-wife and mother of his three kids, Jennifer Garner was also spotted miles away from the wedding event. 

Citing a scheduling conflict, an insider told Hollywood Life, “Jennifer Garner is hard at work on a project in Texas and won’t be attending the wedding celebration, but she’s been totally supportive of her kids being there and is really positive in general about the whole thing,”

“There is nothing more important to her than her kids’ happiness so the fact that they feel welcomed and at ease and have bonded with JLo and her kids is just the best thing she could ask for.”

TMZ also obtained photos of Jenifer as she went shopping in South Charleston on the weekend as her children attended the wedding. 

Joined by her father as well as her boyfriend, John Miller, the trio looked relaxed as they shopped at Sam’s Club, even posing for a photo with a fan. 

Jennifer Garner
Ben Afflecks ex-wife also skipped the ceremony. (Credit: Getty) (Credit: Getty)

Whilst Casey and Jennifer couldn’t make it for the weekend, plenty of others did, with Entertainment Tonight spotting Mat Damon, Kyle Damon, Kevin Smith and Jay Shetty in attendance.  

The Daily Mail believes the three-day extravaganza included a rehearsal dinner on Friday, the main event on Saturday and a barbeque on Sunday. 

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