Big Brother’s Tully Smyth is keen to be The Bachelorette

"Can you tag yourself...? Asking for a friend."
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She rose to fame on Big Brother but Tully Smyth is keen to try her luck on another reality TV show. Yes, the blonde beauty has thrown her name in the ring to be this year’s Bachelorette!

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On Wednesday, Warner Bros Casting shared a call out on their social media platforms for any single women hoping to be this year’s Bachelorette leading lady.

“Tag your DREAM Bachelorette below. Think big!!” the post’s caption read.

Reality TV fans flooded the post with names ranging from former Bachelor star Abbie Chatfield through to newly single Rebel Wilson, but Tully herself put her name forward.

“Can you tag yourself…? Asking for a friend. 😂,” she joked.


It may have started as a joke but Tully’s fans were quick to support her motion and tag her in the post.

“I vote Tully!” exclaimed one.

“@tee_smyth yesss,” penned another.

“@tee_smyth for sure,” a third noted.

The heart suits her… (Credit: Instagram)

Tully made headlines when she starred on the tenth season of Big Brother and hooked up with fellow contestant Anthony Drew (know simply as “Drew”) despite Tully having a girlfriend on the outside.

The scandal rocked the nation and Tully became one of the most hated women in Australia.

Though they didn’t last the distance, the former Big Brother housemates have remained friends and even discussed their relationship on Tully’s podcast Too Much Tully.

“It hasn’t always been smooth sailing between us,” Tully penned on Instagram.

“It’s been hard work, maintaining this relationship that was born inside a compound on the Gold Coast back in 2013. We’ve had exes, ego’s and our own relationship baggage get in the way but we’ve always found our way back. I’ve said this before but it’s very rare someone not only sees your flaws but loves you despite them and we found that in each other. He will always be in my life, whether he likes it or not.”

Tully has also been romantically linked to former Bachelor contestants Richie Strahan and Ciarran Stott.

Tully (pictured with Anthony Drew) rose to fame on Big Brother season 10. (Credit: Ten)

Though she may be able to ask friend and former Bachelorette star Georgia Love for some tips, Tully was reportedly upset when she was not invited to Georgia and Lee’s recent Tasmania wedding.

According to the Daily Mail Australia, Tully was “fuming” when she didn’t receive an invite, though she was in attendance at the couple’s engagement party.

“Tully was not at her wedding last week and didn’t publicly congratulate her either. Which is understandable,” an insider told the publication.

“The girls have had ‘hangs’ and ‘girls’ nights’ for years.”

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