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The finale is so close now.
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We’re creeping up on the finale of Big Brother Australia hand the evictions are getting more strategic – and emotional – as each day passes.

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In case you missed it, the show is mixing it up this season with a house full of previous contestants and total newcomers, as well as a few intruders.

And that’s not the only change; this time around, we’re seeing a mix of ways to nominate housemates for eviction.

While originally it was the challenge winners who could choose the three nominated housemates, we’ve also seen each housemate be promoted to nominate someone, too. 

As the old and new housemates clash and attempt to protect their own, the game is already getting pretty intense.

Here’s everyone who has been evicted so far:

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Josh Goudswaard

Self-proclaimed ‘wildcard’ Josh Goudswaard was the first to leave the Big Brother house.

The model and painter made himself a target by asking to be nominated, leaving his original alliance confused and questioning whether they could trust him.

Josh’s short stint in the house was also tainted with drama when he bumped into Sam Manovski, a former flame who’s also competing on this season.

While Josh hoped to reignite their romance, Sam wasn’t keen, leaving him ready to make a speedy exit.

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Mel Todd 

After the first nominations completed entirely by the housemates, Mel, Layla, and Drew found themselves up for nomination on Thursday. 

Big Brother gave them a second-chance challenge, allowing them to compete to get out of elimination. Layla dominated in the physical challenge, leaving Drew and Mel on the chopping block. 

After a lot of quiet and secret chats in the corners of the house, Mel copped the elimination for the night. 

“What a great group of people I got to live with,” she commented on the way out. 

“I suck at this game,” she joked to her housemates. 

(Credit: Channel Seven)

Layla Subritzky

OG Housemate Layla Subritzky was evicted on Monday night in an emotional vote that saw the clear lines between Big Brother royalty and new housemates begin to blur.

Fellow evictee Dave only received two dates, while six went to Johnson and nine to Layla.

She casted an emotional vote, telling Big Brother that she felt it was Johnson’s turn to be there, and that she’d already had hers in the years prior.

“I had so much, and I won a challenge!” she told her fellow housemates as she made her way out.

“I’m really happy with the things I did in there,” she said.

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Lara Phillips

Lara and Lulu decided to work together in the second-chance challenge, leaving Jaycee alone.

Lara, who has a background in bodybuilding, lifted the heavier things, while Lulu helped by lifting and carrying the lighter parts.

Despite the master plan, the two women struggled with the final part of the challenge – a ring toss, which opened the way for Jaycee to take the win.

While the BB royalty were hoping to get Lara out over Lulu, the new housemates were gunning for Lulu.

However, even with a flip from Dave, Lara was still eliminated.

“Far out, I wanted to stay longer,” she admitted as she left.

“I think they made a bit of a mistake, but today I made myself proud,” she said.

“I proved that women in their 50s can do all that sort of stuff… I love that I got voted out for being a fierce competitor.”

(Credit: Channel Seven)

Joel Notley

The tight-knit ‘J-Crew’ were torn apart when Estelle’s clever voting strategy to protect the Big Brother OGs saw Joel sent packing.

The eviction came hot on the heels of Joel and Aleisha’s first kiss, leaving BB fans heartbroken they didn’t get to see romance blossom.

But Joel has made peace with his eviction.

“I was definitely not surprised that I was evicted tonight, I knew that if I didn’t win this challenge that I’d be up and ultimately evicted,” he told Seven after being booted.

“No surprises here, but I’ve made peace with it. It is what it is and good luck to everyone else in the house.”

(Credit: Channel Seven)

Trevor Butler

Poor Trevor was blindsided when Dave nominated him for elimination thinking his friendly nature would keep him safe from actually going home… only for Trevor to be evicted.

It was his first ever nomination, making the blow all the more frustrating for the BB OG.

“The guy I respect the most in the house is now gone because of what I’ve done,” Dave said on the show.

Trevor conceded as he left: “I didn’t see that coming and I don’t think anybody else did. It was a very emotional time.”

You’ll be missed Trev!

(Credit: Channel Seven)

Luciana ‘Lulu’ Oliveira

The newbies lost another contender when Lulu was booted from the house despite Tim’s attempts to get Sam evicted.

She wasn’t happy about being voted out, revealing in an Instagram Story, “I should have stayed in the house because I have much more to give than Sam at the moment, with her relationship.”

Ouch. Lulu continued: “I feel like she’s spending a lot of time in her relationship rather than getting to know other people, other Housemates… Well Sam, you better watch your back.”

As for who she thinks will win, Lulu gave her support to Estelle, Reggie and Jaycee.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

Samantha ‘Sam’ Manovski

The lovebirds have officially been torn apart, with Sam forced to leave Drew behind in the BB house after being evicted.

Tim was the mastermind behind the split, expertly saving best mate Drew from eviction while also ridding himself of another newbie.

“I feel happy that Drew’s in there because honestly the thought of him leaving and me staying was getting the better of me,” Sam said after being booted.

“I’ll miss him, but I hope that he does what I was going to do: take down the ultimate player of the game, Tim.”

(Credit: Channel Seven)

‘Farmer Dave’ Graham 

Beloved Big Brother royalty Dave was booted after newcomer Brenton executed a brutal plan that saw three iconic OGs up for eviction.

“It was the greatest honour to sit in those three seats with two people that I adore, love and respect,” Dave said after leaving the house.

“I love being an OG, there is something about it that makes you so proud yet so connected and such a big part of history in Australia.”

He may not have bagged the win this time, but we have no doubt Dave will remain one of the nation’s favourite BB 2022 contestants.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

Jules Rangiheuea

With Tim and Brenton given the huge power to choose who went home, Jules became their number one target and was sent packing.

She’d had high hopes to win the game but – as has become a trend this season – Tim’s clever scheming got the better of this intruder.

“What a memorable eviction,” Jules said after she left the house. “I am almost glad that it was me that got to get booted out that way.”

She then added: “The housemates definitely have to keep an eye on Tim.”

(Credit: Channel Seven)

Tully Smyth

We all thought she was safe, but when Taras turned on Tully (after she backstabbed him, might we add) it spelled the end for this BB royalty.

Up for eviction against her ex Drew and newbie Johnson, Tully unleashed on Taras but in the end she was sent packing.

“It wasn’t a blindside but I was a little bit confused,” she said in a clip filmed immediately after she left the Big Brother house.

“Still don’t know quite where the points land but it was an excellent move pulled off by Taras… I think he is playing a dirty, dirty game in there.”

With Tully evicted, we were down to the final 10 housemates.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

Anthony Drew

Almost immediately after his old flame Tully was booted from the house, BB royalty Drew was sent packing too.

Taking to Instagram after his eviction, Drew penned: “It took a few tries but they finally got rid of me, not before taking a few out first. This time I promise, I won’t be back.”

He’s also since confirmed that he and Sam, who had an on-screen romance, are no longer together – though she had already made that pretty clear.

“Drew played me,” the reality star told TV WEEK. “It was a nice little reminder that there are still guys out there that can just lie through their teeth like that.”
(Credit: Seven)

Jaycee Edwards

And just like that the newbies lose another player. Jaycee was evicted after some clever strategising by Tim and Gabbie, who wanted to avenge Drew.

Nominated alongside Johnson and Aleisha, Jaycee lost in a landslide and was sent packing.

“It’s easy to say ‘it’s a game’ but until you do 50 days in BB the house you will never understand,” he wrote on Instagram after his exit.

Now the independent artist is promoting his upcoming tour, so maybe we haven’t seen the last of him!

(Credit: Seven)

Gabbie Keevill

Even having OG Tim in her corner wasn’t enough to save Gabbie from eviction as the housemates entered the final days of the competition.

With another newbie gone, the BB royalty are doing well but they’re still outnumbered in the house – not that Gabbie thinks it will stop one of them from winning.

“I would never want to tell him this, but I know that if Tim weasels his way into the top three he has beyond the potential to take it out,” she said after leaving the house.

“I would 100 per cent be in Tim’s corner if he made it.”

(Credit: Seven)

Estelle Landy

Another Big Brother OG has fallen, leaving just Tim and Reggie in the game as we approach the finale.

Estelle was evicted after Tara challenged her claims that she’s a “new Estelle”, leading to all five of the housemates voting for her to leave.

Despite the shock vote, Estelle said the hardest part of her eviction was knowing Reggie could have been sent home instead.

“I even had to talk to Big Brother about it and said ‘I actually don’t want to fight for my position because I’m going to take it from Reggie’,” she told 7Entertainment.

“I wasn’t surprised [I left] based on reading the room. And I would rather go down to Reggie.”

(Credit: Seven)

Tim Dormer

Tim wasn’t going down without a fight and pulled out every trick to try to stay in the game after he was nominated.

But in the end all the strategising in the world couldn’t save him and Tim was sent packing.

“My time was due for them to take a good shot at me,” he said as he left the house.

“I’m really proud of how I played it.”


Aleisha Campbell

Aleisha became one of the last housemates evicted before the live finale after Reggie surprised everyone by turning on Taras at the last moment.

Despite getting so close to the finish line, Aleisha was happy with her time in the house and may even come back to the show one day.

“Being a strong women was something I wanted to show not only myself, but other young people throughout this experience,” she penned on instagram after her eviction aired.

“All I can say is, if you are even questioning about applying for BB23, do it. You won’t regret it. This isn’t the last time you’ll see Aleisha Campbell. I can promise you that.”


Brenton Parkes

And just like that, we’ve seen our final eviction of 2022, with Brenton given the boot right before the live finale.

Taras had the power in the end, and chose to save Johnson and Reggie, a decision that some fans questioned given how massive Reggie’s fanbase is.

“It sucks. I got so freaking close to the end,” Brenton admitted after being evicted, especially given how close he came to winning the challenge and a spot in the finale.

“I just can’t believe that if I’d won that challenge today, which I was a millisecond off, I would be standing in the top three. I cannot believe it came down to that.”

You can watch Big Brother Monday-Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm on Channel Seven and 7Plus.

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