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Reese Witherspoon, Emma Watson, Oprah… there are a number of celebrities that come to mind when you think of book clubs or reading recommendations and we wouldn’t blame you if Jacob Elordi hasn’t quite made your reading radar yet.

The Aussie actor is known for many things; playing leading roles in The Kissing Booth franchise and Euphoria, taking on the role of Elvis and starring in Saltburn – but book recommendations? We hate to admit his literary interests have flown under the radar for far too long. 

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However, thanks to some sneaky pap photos of the 26-year-old at Sydney International Airport, we’ve realised the answer to our endless search for books to read has been under our noses the whole time! 

Joining the ranks of ex-girlfriend Kaia Gerber as well as Kendall Jenner, Jacob is our latest celeb to get some serious book inspo from. Not only was he spotted with some top-notch reads this week, but it turns out he’s quite the voracious reader

Below, we’ve rounded up all the books Jacob has been spotted reading or has recommended himself. 

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jacob elordi sydney airport bookstore
Jacob was recently spotted picking up Prima Facie at Sydney airport. (Credit: Backgrid)

Jacob Elordi’s Best Book Reccommendations

Jacob Elordi Book Reccomendations Prima Facie

Prima Facie by Suzie Miller

When a harrowing event forces Tessa to confront the harsh reality that countless women have faced, she stands at a crossroads, grappling with a life-altering decision. Will she step onto the stand as a survivor, fully aware of a system that may not protect her? Adapted from the globally acclaimed play, Prima Facie is a gripping, unfiltered exploration of the toll victims endure for their voices to be heard within a system seemingly designed for their failure. With its fast-paced narrative and profound emotional depth, this is a timely and powerful novel by one of Australia’s most remarkable authors.

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Jacob Elordi Book Reccomendations The Secret History
“I believe it to be her best work,” Jacob previously told Bustle. “It’s so good. And I would die to see that as a movie.”

The Secret History by Donna Tartt

From the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Goldfinch comes a true modern classic, Donna Tartt’s bestselling novel, The Secret History. With a blend of elegance and drama, this book weaves a compelling narrative that’s both thought-provoking and playfully engaging. Guided by a charismatic classics professor, a group of intelligent and idiosyncratic students at an elite New England college discovers a way of life that sets them apart from their peers. However, as they push the boundaries of morality, their lives take a profound and irreversible turn. The Secret History unfolds in two parts: the chain of events leading to a classmate’s death and the aftermath. 

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jacob elordi book recommendations uncle vanya
Jacob previously posted a quote from Uncle Vanya to his Instagram account.

Uncle Vanya by Anton Chekhov

Anton Chekhov’s classic play Uncle Vanya takes us on a timeless journey into the complexities of human relationships. First published in 1897 and premiered in 1899 by the Moscow Art Theatre under the direction of Konstantin Stanislavski, the story unfolds at a rural estate, where an elderly professor and his alluring, much younger second wife, Yelena, disrupt the lives of the estate’s inhabitants. Vanya, the professor’s brother-in-law and long-time estate manager, and Astrov, the local doctor, both become entranced by Yelena while lamenting the monotony of their provincial existence. Meanwhile, Sonya, the professor’s daughter from his first marriage, silently grapples with her unrequited love for Astrov. Tensions escalate when the professor announces his intention to sell the estate, which Vanya and Sonya call home, in pursuit of a higher income, forcing the characters to confront their desires and the impending changes that will alter their lives forever.

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jacob elordi book recommendations a bright ray of darkness
Another book Jacob shared to his Instagram stories, recommending the title “for those in need of a read.”

A Bright Ray of Darkness by Ethan Hawke

Amidst the glare of the relentless media scrutiny and global censure for his infidelity, actor William Harding finds himself thrust into a Shakespearean role that becomes a profound introspection. In the midst of the tumultuous headlines, he steps into the character of Henry IV, compelled to scrutinize not only the character he portrays but also his own transformation under the unrelenting spotlight and the discerning gaze of the public eye.

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jacob elordi book reccommendations cost of living
Jacob was spotted buying the play while out in NYC with Zendaya.

Cost of Living by Martyna Majok

Delving into the intricate paths that have led them to a critical juncture, the lives of four individuals intersect in an unexpected encounter. Unemployed truck driver Eddie, nursing a drink at a bar, revisits the poignant turning point in his relationship with Ani, shifting their focus from divorce to caregiving after a life-altering car accident. Meanwhile, Jess, burdened with overwork, underqualification, and the looming threat of homelessness, takes on a new job as the caregiver for John, a wealthy and captivating graduate student living with cerebral palsy. Their diverse histories, influences, and trials converge as two strangers find themselves in a small, unassuming apartment in Bayonne, New Jersey, each carrying their own past into the shared present.

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jacob elordi book recommendations east of eden
Sharing the book to his Instagram stories at the time, Jacob told fans that East of Eden was “one of the books that resonates with him the most.”

East of Eden by John Steinbeck

Located in the fertile expanse of California’s Salinas Valley, this compelling and often unflinching novel unravels the intricately connected fates of two families, the Trasks and the Hamiltons. Across generations, they unwittingly reenact the biblical saga of Adam and Eve’s fall from grace and the toxic enmity of Cain and Abel. In this evocative narrative, Steinbeck introduces some of his most unforgettable characters and delves into enduring themes such as the enigma of identity, the inscrutability of love, and the devastating repercussions of its absence.

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jacob elordi book recommendations nauseau
“I’ve only just started it,” Jacob previously told Bustle, “But it seems to be about a dude who thinks way too m uch about everything. So it’s incredibly relatable.

Nausea by Jean-Paul Sartre

Nausea unfolds as a dual narrative, offering both the tumultuous life of the young writer, Antoine Roquentin, and an exploration of one of modern philosophy’s most impactful ideologies, existentialism. Through the lens of Roquentin’s experiences, the book navigates his internal battle with the unsettling awareness of his absolute freedom in a seemingly meaningless world. Faced with the daunting task of crafting his own purpose and bearing full responsibility for his choices, Roquentin’s journey serves as a seminal work in contemporary literary philosophy, dissecting the disorienting existential angst that can accompany the simple act of existence.”

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jacob elordi book recommendations nauseau
“I think the book that stuck with me the most when I read it was On The Road by Jack Kerouac,” Jacob explained in an interview in 2020.

On the Road by Jack Kerouac

Embarking on a journey of self-discovery and boundless exploration, Sal Paradise, an earnest young man, sets out on an exhilarating adventure alongside the enigmatic Dean Moriarty, a man slightly unhinged. Together, they traverse the vast expanse of the United States in a relentless pursuit of release and fulfilment, indulging in a hedonistic odyssey fueled by intoxication, passion, narcotics, and the rhythms of jazz. In their quest for personal freedom, they inadvertently push the boundaries of the American Dream. Jack Kerouac’s masterful fusion of fact and fiction in this novel defined the emerging Beat Generation and established it as the manifesto of the counterculture movement.

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jacob elordi book recommendations last train to memphis
Jacob revealed to GQ that he bought the book after seeing the trailer for Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis biopic.

Last Train to Memphis by Peter Guralnick 

Peter Guralnick’s Last Train to Memphis takes readers on an electrifying ride through the life of the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. This riveting biography chronicles the meteoric rise of a young and extraordinarily talented musician from humble beginnings to international stardom. Guralnick’s vivid storytelling captures the essence of the man behind the music, offering insights into Elvis’s musical genius, personal struggles, and the cultural revolution he ignited. With an impeccable blend of music history and biography, ‘Last Train to Memphis’ paints an unforgettable portrait of a cultural icon and the era he defined.

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jacob elordi book recommendations the odyssey
“I also read Homer’s The Odyssey,” Jacob told Bustle. “I felt like going on some kind of adventure. I loved it.”

The Odyssey by Homer

Homer’s timeless epic, The Odyssey, embarks on an extraordinary odyssey of its own, following the legendary hero Odysseus as he ventures homeward after the Trojan War. With each step of his relentless and arduous journey, Odysseus encounters a pantheon of divine challenges and mythical creatures. This epic saga weaves together themes of valour, cunning, perseverance, and the enduring power of hope, all against the backdrop of the ancient Mediterranean world.

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