Brittany Hockley’s inspiring message to her single fans

The former Bachelor star may have found love, but she's all about supporting her fellow women.
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Our hearts burst with joy when Bachelor alum Brittany Hockley finally confirmed that she was dating Aussie tennis player Jordan Thompson this week. However after nine years of single life, some of her female fans are feeling a bit disheartened.

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On her hit podcast Life Uncut that she presents with close pal and fellow Bachie star Laura Byrne, Britt has regaled fans with her hilarious dating stories and provided the singleton perspective since Laura is engaged to partner Matty J.

Thursday night saw Brittany reveal that many of her fans had been hitting her up in her Instagram DMs about how her new relationship marked the end of an era.

“Not gonna lie, I kind of thought of you as my last single friend,” one wrote in a message that Britt shared to her Instagram Stories.

“Nah, in all honesty I’ve related with your journey sooooo much (life uncut cult member) and you have made me feel more empowered that it’s ok to be alone! Thanks for keeping it real and for sharing so much of you. Wishing you the best.”

Brittany and Jordan went public with their romance this week. (Credit: Instagram)

However, Brittany wanted to make sure her single female fans knew that there is no competition or race to find a partner.

“I get messages all the time from people that are single and feel alone and ‘wonder what’s wrong with them?'” she penned on her Instagram Stories.

“I may have found a great guy and am in a happy relationship but I want you to remember that it is ok to be on your own! There is NOTHING wrong with being single and there is NOTHING wrong with you!!”

Britt then reflected on her personal experience and how she herself was single for nine years, adding that she “loved it.”

“I made the most of it! Had so much fun, travelled the world, moved countries, started businesses, focused on health and fitness, did things outside of my comfort zone,” she reflected.

“There is NOTHING wrong with being single and there is NOTHING wrong with you!!” (Credit: Ten)

The Bachie star continued: “Everyone runs a different race and there is no right or wrong, no timeline that we are supposed to follow. Life will always be filled with ups and downs, but your quality of life is dependent on your reaction to any situation and your mindset can do wonders. You’re in control of that. So please, when possible, glass half full (wine preferably).”

“I realise society also puts a lot of pressure on us to find a partner. And there is a level of ‘failure’ attached to being single. (Spoiler calling bulls***),” she added.

“We are led to believe success is a partner, a degree, a 9-5 job, kids, a picket fence, all before 30!! But I assure you, and I am a prime example, that it most certainly is not.

“There is not enough emphasis on being your own cheerleader and taking the time to wait for what is right for you. Don’t feel pressure to settle for something you know isn’t right just because you’re afraid to be alone and because you feel like a failure. It’s NOT FAILING IT’S CALLED LIVING AND IT’S BEAUTIFUL.”

The couple are all loved-up! (Credit: Instagram)

Over the weekend, Britt confirmed the rumours that she and Jordan were indeed dating via a sweet post on Instagram.

“Annnd that’s me. Game, set, match, love. Or however it goes. Either way I feel like I’ve aced it and my patience over the years has served me well. And if I make anymore puns he will kill me,” she joked in her caption.

“I waited a long time to play doubles and there were a couple of lets along the way (ok one more I had to I mean do you expect anything less!?) and it was worth every single second. @jordanthompson2004 sorry for my puns accept me as I am ok love you bye. #happy #welovelove.”

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