Billie Eilish will no longer release her yearly Vanity Fair interviews

The singer took to Instagram to share this upsetting announcement.
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In its sixth year of consecutive release, Vanity Fair’s Same Interview series with Billie Eilish has returned.

In what seems like an annual holiday in itself, fans and non-fans alike return to the YouTube platform to tune in to the end-of-year reflection videos the singer has completed since she was 15.

Eilish, now 20, takes part in the exact same interview each year. The charming video series invites viewers to understand Billie more personally as she reflects on her own growth, professionally and privately. Like clockwork, each video ends with a heartfelt hug from her mother, signifying an element of continuity throughout the years.

Landing itself as #1 on YouTube’s Trending page within 24 hours of its release, the video hit 4 million views within its first day online, while its predecessors have amassed upwards of 20 million views each.

Billie and her mother share a close bond. (Credit: Getty)

As her dedicated audience rejoice in this annual ‘tradition’, however, Eilish took to Instagram to share an upsetting message regarding the Vanity Fair series.

Taking to her Story, the star wrote, “gonna be the last VF video for a while 😉 gonna keep shooting one every year but hold them & put one out every few years 😇 love you all dearly.”

While the series has not reached its penultimate finish, fans have still expressed their upset and confusion at the new process.

Eilish took to Instagram to share the upsetting announcement. (Credit: Instagram)

So, while we’ve seen her hair turn from blue, to green-rooted, to blonde, to black; we may have to wait a few years longer to witness her yearly hair (and character) progression. This announcement has us questioning if the staggered releases may also take a longer form. While this is yet to be determined, considering the most recent video was released just a few days ago, all we can do now is wait…

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