Who is Dave Hughes’ wife?

Get to know Holly Ife!

Occasionally, some people put doubt into the idea of having a serious and meaningful relationship with a comedian—but Dave Hughes’ wife, Holly Ife, claims that his husband’s comedic personality is what actually strengthened their marriage.

So, what’s it like to be married to a comedian? How does she juggle her career and the demands of family life?

Here are some facts on Holly Ife:

How Did They Meet?

Holly met David last 2002, at a bar in Melbourne. It was a Friday night at the Cherry Bar. They spent some time together, walked to an ATM, and then she caught a cab home.

Three days later, she managed to tune into him talking about their night together on the radio, and she asked if she could call into the show. Her call led to their first date later that evening—and a lifetime with David thereafter.

When Did They Get Married?

Holly Ife officially became Holly Hughes in 2006, at the Flemington race track. They rang the New Year in as husband and wife.

Are They Still Together?

You bet—Dave and Holly have been married since 2006. They currently live in a 295 square metre family home in Victoria, which was built by their good friends Aimee Goodwin and Louis Gadd.

How Many Kids Have They Got? What Are Their Names?

On top of having a busy schedule, Holly and David are also parents to 3 kids: Rafferty Dave, Saddie May, and Tess Clementine. They are 9, 7, and 6 years old, respectively.

Do They Keep Any Pets In The House?

Yes—they have a cat named Teddy and a dog named Barkley.

How Old Is Holly Ife?

Holly is now 39 years old. Her birthday is on the 21st of December.

What’s she been working on recently?

Holly recently co-wrote a children’s book with David entitled Excuse Me, starring a respectful sheep and her struggles with her farts. This book was apparently inspired by her husband’s loud flatulence, and is praised for being funny, interactive for kids.

She is also a journalist for The Herald Sun.

In 2016, the couple worked on creating emojis that were more relatable for the Australian audience, in an attempt to highlight certain aspects that defined their nationality. These included an emoji of the Aboriginal flag, a barbecue, a meat pie, and a nonplussed face, among others.

Has she attended David’s shows?

Yes, she usually goes to see his shows several times a year. However, she had a feeling that David censors his show a bit when she’s around—so one time, she snuck in undercover to write about his show for the morning paper.

The Married Life With David Hughes

Holly says that it’s definitely been fun to be married to a man who seems to be able to make any situation a laugh, but she also shared that she sometimes felt that she could use a little more sympathy for her husband.

Just 4 years ago, Dave made his comeback to stand-up comedy and the entire family had to make adjustments, juggling between life on the road and other commitments of family life. She shared how it fell upon her to look after the children while Dave was busy with his tours.

Dave: The Family Man

But despite the hectic schedule, Holly appreciates how Dave always makes a way to spend quality time with the children. He reads Rafferty bedtime stories from his favourite books, stays with Sadie throughout all her intensive ‘pre-bedtime’ demands, and still finds time to be with Holly. For a man who makes a living out of sharing complaints about his stubborn kids, Dave sure seems to be a sweetheart.

Holly is often asked if she is bothered by what Dave says about her on stage as part of his act. She admits that it wasn’t as easy as first, that it needed a little getting used to, but she was never uncomfortable enough to make a big deal out of it.

Is Dave Funny All The Time?

Another question Holly is often asked is that if Dave is funny all the time. “No,” she explained, “Dave is also sweet and he’s a patient husband and father.”

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