Chrissy Teigen Shares Adorable Update of Her Youngest Children

"Our hearts, and our home, are officially full."
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Trigger warning: This article discusses pregnancy loss. 

Chrissy Teigen has taken to Instagram to share an adorable update of her two youngest children, Esti Maxine and Wren Alexander. 

Following their recent Halloween celebrations, Chrissy shared a collection of new photos of herself and husband John Legend alongside Esti and Wren in their first Halloween costumes, with Esti wearing a tiger onesie and Wren sporting a costume of Woody from Toy Story. 

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In June 2023, Chrissy and John announced the arrival of their son Wren via surrogate, just five months after the couple welcomed their third child Esti. 

Speaking to People in August 2023, Chrissy opened up on her life as a mum of four.

“For me, the hardest part is making sure the older ones feel loved and taken care of and just as special as the babies… I think any parent of multiple kids can understand that you want to make sure they still feel loved.” 

Chrissy shared some adorable snaps from the family’s Halloween celebrations. (Credit: Instagram)

Shortly after Wren’s birth, the cookbook author took to Instagram to shed some light on the unconventional timing, revealing that she had always wanted four children. 

Following the loss of her pregnancy in 2022, she revealed that she didn’t think she would carry any more children on her own and the couple looked towards surrogacy as a way to grow their family. 

In the midst of their surrogacy journey, Chrissy decided to try once more to conceive a child via IVF – the same process that gave the couple their first two children, Luna and Miles. 

“We also met the most incredible, loving, compassionate surrogate we could ever imagine.” (Credit: Instagram)

“We made new embryos. We did my transfer, and were so happy to learn it worked – we were pregnant with our little girl, Esti.” 

“Around this same time, we also met the most incredible, loving, compassionate surrogate we could ever imagine, Alexandra,” she continued on Instagram.

“I knew she was a perfect match for us the moment we spoke to her. All our wishes and dreams aligned.”

Revealing that the first embryo transfer with Alex didn’t survive, Chrissy shared that they didn’t rush the process the second time, remaining patient as the family enjoyed Chrissy’s own pregnancy. 

“As we crept toward the safe zone for my own pregnancy, we were overjoyed to learn Alexandra had become pregnant with a little boy. Our little boy.” 

“Our hearts, and our home, are officially full.” (Credit: Instagram)

John and Chrissy’s son, Wren Alexander Stephens was born on June 19th. 

“We want to say thank you for this incredible gift you have given us, Alexandra. And we are so happy to tell the world he is here, with a name forever connected to you.” 

“Our hearts, and our home, are officially full.”

The couple share children Luna Simone, Miles, Esti, and Wren. (Credit: Instagram)

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