Harry Connick Jr. and Jill Goodacre are one of Hollywood’s strongest couples

33 years!
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Harry Connick Jr. and Jill Goodacre’s love story is one for the books. The couple, who have spent over 32 years together are undeniably one of the strongest couples in Hollywood, yet their relationship hasn’t been without its challenges. 

As Harry and his family visit Australia once more, we look back at Harry and Jill’s relationship, from their super adorable “meet cute,” to their wedding, children and more!

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A chance meeting

So how did the 55-year-old singer meet his Victoria Supermodel wife? Fate of course! The pair stayed at the same hotel in February 1990 and the rest is history. 

“I was staying in L.A,” he told GQ in 2007. “Jill walked past me at the hotel pool, and I introduced myself. 

“She had a really strong handshake. If that had been it between us, just that moment, I would’ve thought about it for the rest of my life.”

Harry Connick jnr
The couple met in 1990. (Credit: Getty)

And it wasn’t just Harry who felt the spark, with Jill also immediately knowing there was something special.

He told GQ, “what’s really funny is that [Jill] called her mom that night and said, ‘I met the guy I’m going to marry.’ Of course, she didn’t let me know.” 

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Harry Connick jnr
The pair are about to celebrate their 29th wedding anniversary! (Credit: Instagram)

Wedding bliss

Four years after their chance encounter, the pair, who both hail from Texas, tied the knot in New Orleans. 

“I married my best friend and I married a woman who I look up to infinitely,” Harry told Us Weekly in 2019. “We have the same values so it’s easy for us to try and impart those on our children.”

Harry Connick jnr
Harry and Jill have three daughters. (Credit: Getty)

A growing family

The pair welcomed their first daughter, Georgia two years later in 1996. The 26-year is currently a model and photographer. 

Harry and Jill went on to have two more daughters; Sarah who was born a year later and Charlotte who was born in 2002. 

“They’re brilliant, driven, really, really smart, creative women. And our lives have become exponentially greater as a result of the perspective,” he told WHO.

In 2023 he shared with fans that he, his wife and children had fallen in love with Australia – where he was filming Australian Idol at the time so much his daughters had chosen to move permanently. 

“Australia’s got lots of things,” he told us when asked about his love of the country. “Our daughters live in Australia, so we come here quite a bit…I’m always looking forward to coming back here.”

Harry Connick jnr
So cute! (Credit: Instagram)

Through sickness and through health 

In 2017, the couple went public with Jill’s breast cancer battle, revealing that the model was diagnosed in 2012 after undergoing a routine mammogram and sonogram. 

After reaching the milestone 5-year mark cancer-free, the couple shared their experience. “It wasn’t like we were superstitious, like if we said something about being in the clear we’d somehow jinx it,” Jill told People at the time.

“But we wanted to be well on the other side of things before we told everybody. The doctors all say that after the five-year mark, things look optimistic, so we’re starting to feel pretty good.”

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